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The Application Funnel

If you are selling a high-ticket product or service and want a process that inspires your ideal clients to sell you on why they are a good fit (instead of you selling them), the application funnel is for you.

An application funnel puts prospects through a process that serves both the prospects and the business. This multi-step journey guides potential customers through a series of pages or stages which builds interest in your service and leads to the prospect applying for access to it.

The process starts by providing prospects with value driven content crafted to build trust, dispel objections, and make them feel comfortable and excited to buy your product or service.

In order to purchase the product, prospects are asked to submit an application that requires them to qualify themselves as an ideal candidate. Successful applicants are then typically invited to schedule a call with a member of the team.

On the call the prospect is shown how they would benefit from the product or service and asked to confirm their eligibility to participate.

How to use the Application Funnel in your business

If I was selling as an Author / Speaker / Coach / Consultant...

I'd use this funnel to sell high-ticket and high-touch coaching. I'd begin by placing a success story on the first page, then asking them to apply on the next page. This would be the default backend funnel after every mid-tier funnel.

If I was selling in Network or Affiliate Marketing...

I'd use this funnel to make people apply to join my team. This would let them know how serious my team is, but also add exclusivity. The funnel would result in a phone call with the 4-Question Close.

If I was selling in Ecommerce...

I'd use the Application funnel to get people to purchase my more exclusive high-end products. id do a demo video of the new product, and then have them apply to get on a walting list to have the ability to buy in the future.

If I was selling my Professional Services...

I'd use this funnel for existing customers to apply for special continuity-based pricing. If they apply, make it through the qualifications, and are added to continuity with my business, then they get special pricing and coupons.

If I was selling Business-to-Business...

I'd send potential sponsors to an Application Funnel which results in a phone call. The first Reverse Squeeze page would highlight the success of other companies we have gotten results for in the past.

If I was selling in a Retail / Brick & Mortar Business...

I'd use this funnel for new and existing customers to apply for high-discount holiday tickets. If they're accepted, they'll get huge discounts and offers during holiday shopping seasons delivered to their email or door.

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