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I discovered the Funnel Builder Marketplace through the OFA challenge and found it perfect for outsourcing tasks I needed help with. The platform is user-friendly, seamless, and has helped grow the ecosystem needed for business success. I highly recommend the Funnel Builder Marketplace for anyone looking to build successful funnels!

Carmena Su


The Funnel Builder Marketplace has had a bigger impact on my life than I ever anticipated. Initially, I tried to do too much—web development, copywriting, and video editing—leading to paralysis. After following Russell and Stephen Larsen's OFA challenge advice on finding the Who not How, the Funnel Builder Marketplace has liberated me as an entrepreneur. It's helped me move closer to financial freedom and has provided more liberation than I could have imagined.

David Revell


The Funnel Builder Marketplace is intuitive, and I quickly found a graphic designer with a showcased portfolio, competitive pricing, and positive reviews. The service was fast and effective, resulting in impactful images. Additionally, a 20-minute call with Seth led to a perfect match with a digital marketer. I'm impressed with Seth's ability to identify my needs and find the right fit.

Lia Zalums

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Russell Brunson

"The Funnel Builder Marketplace was created to make your life as an online entrepreneur a million times easier. While many entrepreneurs have big visions, they never get to see their vision come true because they don't know how to do it. The Funnel Builder Marketplace is a rolodex of all the people who can do everything you need to get your funnels up, launched, and live online. Don't look elsewhere! Instead, enter the Marketplace and find the WHOs who know the HOW so that your vision can become a reality."

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