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Unlock the Power of Recurring Revenue:

Membership Site Funnel Built by a Certified Funnel Builder

Are you looking to establish a reliable stream of recurring revenue? Want to offer your audience exclusive access to your premium content? If so, a Membership Site could be the perfect solution!

Hi, I'm Malia Burcham, a Certified ClickFunnels Funnel Builder!

Some cool things about me:

I have all the ClickFunnels Funnel Builder certifications, I've won 1st and 3rd place awards in Design-A-Thon competitions amongst funnel builders, and I was also a top 10 finalist in the first Funnel Games competition.

I've worked with over 30 clients in my first year as a funnel builder, and have achieved some amazing results. I've built an agency, Funnel Fuse, where you don't only get me to work on your project, but a whole team that I manage.

I love specializing in helping you build your list and set up continuity in your business.

Fun Facts: I am also a rancher, avid mountain biker, and a mom!

To get started, simply book this service (and HURRY because I only take on 2 at a time) and then you will be opted into booking a kickoff call with me.

Membership Site Package Includes:

Customer Center / Members Area Setup ($497 Value)

3-Course Setup (up to 40 lessons each)  ($1,497 Value)

Lesson & Module ​​Thumbnails ($497+ Value)

​1 Archive / “Vault” Course ($497 Value)

​Private Community Setup Built On CF 2.0 ($497 Value)

BONUS: Custom "MEMBERSHIP SITE" Video Training For You & Your Team ($997 Value)

30-DAY MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: Unlimited ​Course Revisions & 2 Strategy Sessions within 30 days post-launch ($997+ Value)

Total Combined Value: $5,479


(Available exclusively at the Funnel Builder Marketplace for a limited time only)


⏳ CUSTOM template is delivered within 30 days, 1-month maintenance begins after work is submitted.

1. Kickoff: A 60-minute strategy session to understand your business and value proposition. This serves as a foundation for your funnel layout proposal and the building process.

2. Follow-up: A swift 15-minute session to confirm your satisfaction with the funnel's structure and progress further with design, photos, and digital assets.

3. Final Touches: A brief session to finalize your funnel.

4. Launch: A detailed 1-hour meeting to ensure a successful funnel launch.

5. Maintenance: We provide 30 days of funnel maintenance and assist with split testing.

The Power of Continuity in Business...

🔥 Predictable Revenue Stream

🔥 Customer Loyalty

🔥 Enhanced Value Proposition

🔥 Scalability

🔥 Customer Retention

Here's a breakdown of each service in this package:

Customer Center / Members Area Setup ($497 Value)

We set up your entire customer center on your theme so that the entire membership site has a unique look and feel as they navigate through your courses.

3-Course Setup ($1,497 Value)

This comprehensive course setup allows you to structure your content effectively, offering up to 40 lessons per course to cater to varying member needs and progression. We can build you either...

Option #1) 3 individual classic courses

Option #2) 1 "Ascension" Course with up to 3 levels

Option #3) 1 "Ascension" Course with 2 levels + 1 separate classic course.

** "Ascension" Courses are perfect for the Linchpin strategy.

Module Thumbnails ($497+ Value)

Custom-designed thumbnails for each module, enhancing visual appeal and user engagement.

1 Archive / “Vault” Course ($497 Value)

An exclusive area for storing and accessing your valuable archived content, providing additional resources to your members. Perfect for an archive of information like recordings or old newsletters.

Private Community Setup Built On CF 2.0 ($497 Value)

We'll establish a private community with up to 3 groups for your members within ClickFunnels 2.0, building interaction and engagement within your audience. This will be a private community that you OWN, built on ClickFunnels 2.0, where you can engage with your groups, invite them to events, and track their progress on your courses.

BONUS: Custom "MEMBERSHIP SITE" Video Training For You and your Team ($997 Value)

Exclusive video training to guide you and your team on effectively managing and maximizing the potential of your membership site.

30-DAY MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: Unlimited Course Revisions & 2 Strategy Sessions within 30 days post-launch ($997+ Value)

Post-launch, we offer unlimited revisions to your courses and two strategic sessions within the first 30 days to ensure optimal performance for users.

Total Combined Value: $5,479


(Available exclusively at the Funnel Builder Marketplace for a limited time only)

Get Started Now! I'd love to get to know you and see how I can benefit you and your business.

Note: We require a simple Website Services Agreement to be signed. Instructions will be emailed in the order confirmation & via email.



It was a pleasure to work with Malia. We needed a funnel made with short notice and her and her team did that. Got small videos and how-to along the way so we eventually can do it ourselves. And she is still helping me out after delivery. I can gladly recommend Malia.


On 21 Aug 2023



45 Days Delivery

Membership Site

Refund Policy

Custom Sales Funnel Service Refund Policy We're committed to delivering top-tier custom sales funnel services that meet your specific needs. But hey, we get it - things change and you might need to pivot. Just a heads up, though: we can only process refunds for custom sales funnel services if you get in touch before we officially kick things off on your project. Once we've hit the start button and our creative minds are in overdrive, refunds aren't part of the deal. Our team dives into action the moment you purchase our service, which means you have a 24-hour window to request a refund. This policy helps us keep our game face on, dedicating our best resources and delivering top-notch services to all our valued clients. We appreciate your understanding on this! Before we dive in, make sure you're all in. Got questions or concerns? Fire away before we kickstart the project to ensure you're totally happy with the road ahead.

Malia Burcham


Member since September 2022