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Hi! Malia Here 😀

I've completed all my ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Certifications and placed 1st and 3rd place in recent Design-A-Thon funnel building competitions 🥇. I’m also a mom, avid mountain biker, and multi-business entrepreneur. In 2022, I launched my agency. Funnel Fuse, and quickly trained up a talented team dedicated to delivering top-tier funnel building solutions. My passion for innovation and commitment to my client's success drives my approach.

🔥 I specialize in affiliate, MIFGE, and Linchpin funnel strategies to build continuity and grow lists rapidly. 🔥

I also am contracted by ClickFunnels as a "Funnel Builder Advisor" in the 2CCX training program.

I have ALL my certifications & can build any funnel you need on ClickFunnels 2.0 or Classic!

Let's talk strategy! Send me a direct message & I'll send you a link to book a FREE Discovery Call with me for 30 minutes!