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Lead Squeeze Funnel - 2 Pages - Planned And Built By Click Funnels Certified Partner




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Lead Squeeze Funnel


Lead Squeeze Funnel Planned And Built By Click Funnels Certified Partner

About This Gig

This is to plan and build a 2 page Lead Squeeze Funnel with a Click Funnels Certified Partner. Before ordering this gig please message me direct with your requirements to make sure we are meeting your expectations. We can build other funnels as well. If you are not sure of what funnel is best for your business please message me to discuss this as well.

Blueprint of a Lead Squeeze Funnel

See examples of some of our Lead Squeeze Funnels below.

Whats Included

  1. Zoom call to discuss your requirements and answer your questions.
  2. Blueprint of your funnel.
  3. Build a 2 page Lead Squeeze Funnel.
  4. Two weeks support after the funnel goes live.

What Makes Me Qualified To Help You?


I have many years experience in the Digital Marketing field going back before "Digital Marketing" was a thing!

I have studied form the marketing legends such as Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins, Gary Halbert, Robert Cialdini, David Deutsch, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Brian Kurtz, Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Roland Frasier, Donald Miller, Perry Belcher, Frank Kern, Justin Brooke, Ed Dale and more...

I have studied these marketing legends so you don't have to!

In my work I draw on what I have learnt from these legends, the qualifications I have below and my own experiences working on real businesses.


Over 50% of people offering Digital Marketing services have no qualifications.

I am an AdSkills qualified Senior Media Buyer, a Click Funnels Certified Partner and a Digital Marketer Certified Partner.

That means if you need help with marketing strategy, funnels and conversions or traffic I have got you covered!

Funnel Building And Strategy

I am a Certified Funnel Builder with Click Funnels which means I have been through a rigorous certification programme to make sure I can build you the funnel you need.

As a member of the Click Funnel Certified programme I also have access to a large community of expert funnel builders I can get feedback and advice from when required.


I am qualified as a Direct Response Copywriting Specialists with Digital Marketer as well as having studied the great copywriting legends. This means I know how to write copy that sells and can save you years of studying to master copywriting.

Marketing Strategy

I am a Digital Marketer Certified Partner and Certified as Digital Marketing Strategist. This means I am qualified and able to use their proven tools and methodologies to help you form an effective marketing strategy.

As a Digital Marketer Certified Partner I have access to a lot of experts in their different fields of Digital Marketing so if I don't know the answer to something I have a large community I can tap into to get advice.

Senior Media Buyer

I am a certified Senior Media Buyer with AdSkills a leading media buyer training company. This means I am qualified to help you choose the right traffic source for your business and to help you implement and manage it.

Email Marketing

I am qualified as a Email Marketing Specialists with Digital Marketer. This means I am qualified to assist you with you email marketing strategy and campaigns.


I am qualified as Ecommerce Marketing Specialists with Digital Marketer. This means I am qualified to assist you with you ecommerce marketing strategy.


Examples Of Some Of Our Lead Squeeze Funnels

Example 1

Landing Page

Pop Up

Thank You Page

Example 2

Landing Page

Pop Up

Thank You Page

Why Is Your Service So Cheap?

As you can see we have a lot of experience and qualifications and normally charge a lot more than this. We are brand new to this platform and are offering our services at a significant discount for a limited time to get some feedback and momentum whilst we get established in this market place. We will be increasing our prices in the near future.

PS Before ordering please message me to discuss an outline of your project.



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14 Days Delivery

Refund Policy

If you are not happy with our work once it is complete and ready to go live we will give you a full refund.

Quentin Hunter


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