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Hey there!

I must confess, I need to get something off my chest… I live and breathe Marketing!!! I am in LOVE with Marketing and Strategies! Whew… I feel better!

Why should you listen to me? I have helped SAAS companies, Coaches, Network Marketers, Lock-salesmen, Electricians, Real Estate Agents, Leather-workers, HVAC companies, eCommerce, Chiropractors and others with their marketing, sales messages, offers, and much more!

I love Marketing! (doing it for more than a decade!) and I would love to dive deep into whatever kind of business you have… I am passionate about this stuff…

A little on who I am… My name is Nic… married to a wonderful Woman who has blessed me with 8 kids… who continually supports an ENTREPRENEUR! (she is a saint!)

Look… what’s the catch? I’m testing this site out and would like to just help you get clarity on what you want from your business! And when I deliver... You agree to a give a Testimonial! that's it.

(1) consultation = 60 minutes!

This is an introductory offer… it really is limited… I have 8 Kids… My time no joke is really limited…

So, if you’re not happy with our session I will refund every single penny! Look, my friend… I DO NOT want your money if I don’t OVERDELIVER!

Is it ok if I overdeliver?

IF All This Did Was Give You Clarity On Your Marketing Going Forward... Would it Be Worth it?

IF All This Did Was Help You Create an Offer... Would it Be Worth it?

Look if you’re not 110% ecstatic with your purchase you won't PAY a dime! 😊 are you getting this? It's FREE if You are Not Happy!

This purchase… no, this small investment could mean everything for you… Clarity is truly priceless… and if this one session changed your life… would it be worth $97? Because this is not about me, this is about you. I created this because I want to help, and I want to serve you.

So Let’s book it and move forward today!

To Your Success…




This was by far the best money I have spent in a while. I feel Nic should be charging a lot more for his knowledge. I have been in the profession for over 30 years and I brought away several golden nuggets from our conversation. Whether your a newbie or not I recommend talking to Nic to get better direction and clarification. I will definitely be talking with Nic again. Thank you Nic and God bless!


On 15 Feb 2019

Nic gives me a lot of practical marketing idea roadmap for my business that I will never think of if I'm on my own. Thanks a lot & kudos to him for the brilliant mind. And by the way maybe he din really look at the time, the session is more than 30min. (he over-delivered, silently...) Thanks Nic


On 22 Jan 2019

Amazing value as I am just starting out! He helped me overcome some feelings of overwhelm and gave me clear next steps for what I want to do. He also guided me to some resources that were invaluable. Thanks Nic!!!


On 20 Jan 2019



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If you don't walk away loving it... it's free! Period.

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