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Day #12 - Follow-Up Funnel


The key to any marketing strategy lies in the relationships you build with your customers.

One powerful way to nurture these relationships is through an email follow-up funnel.

Visualize your marketing as an iceberg. What your customers see—the visible part above the water—is just a small fraction of your efforts, which is your initial funnel contact. However, the real bulk of your strategy lies beneath the surface, in the form of follow-up emails. These emails are the true powerhouse of your strategy, often unseen but crucial, capable of either making your campaign sail smoothly or sink it altogether. Much like an iceberg, the most impactful part of your marketing is not immediately visible; it's the powerful follow-up that can really make or break your customer relationships.

Hello! I am Jessica Beauchesne, and I specialize in helping marketers, creators, and business owners like you dive deep into what your customer is feeling to design a funnel that matches that feeling — similar to decorating your home with your personal style!

I am also a stressless coach that helps you spice up inner conversations — creating balance throughout all the areas of your life! 💛 Including building relationships through follow-up funnels 💛

If you’re ready to unlock the magic of funnels? Here’s what you get:

  1. Map out your follow-up funnel strategy to keep your audience hooked and coming back.
  2. Set up your follow-up funnel to automate and streamline your customer engagements.
  3. Integrate your sales funnel smoothly, ensuring everything works together perfectly.
  4. Learn how to keep the ball rolling with expert tips to maintain momentum and boost engagement.
  5. Plenty of tips and tricks to supercharge your email copywriting!

Dive in and let’s make your funnel strategy a roaring success! 

All for the cost of $497

And if you're ready to uncover the hidden depths of success, 🌊 dive into our call and let's navigate the iceberg beneath your marketing efforts! We'll design a customized follow-up funnel that sets you apart. Plus, we'll explore the unseen opportunities that your competitors haven't even noticed yet. Get ready to embark on a journey below the surface, where clarity, strategy, and a treasure trove of wins await in the hidden depths of your marketing iceberg!



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My #1 priority is your happiness, which means your satisfaction is my main goal. I fully stand behind my products and services with no questions asked. If you have any issue, I will do whatever it takes to remedy the situation, be a refund, or other form of assistance. A refund can be issued up until the funnel has been delivered. All you need to do is contact me, as your happiness is my guarantee!

Jessica Beauchesne


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