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Day #8 - Crafting Your Chief Aim / Goal


Feeling overwhelmed with all the nitty-gritty of running your business?

Let me show you how creating a plan is like drawing your own treasure map.It points you exactly where you want to go with your business strategy and marketing—let’s start stepping toward that treasure!"

Hello! I am Jessica Beauchesne, and I specialize in helping marketers, creators, and business owners like you dive deep into what your customer is feeling to design a funnel that matches that feeling — similar to decorating your home with your personal style!

I am also a stressless coach that helps you spice up inner conversations — creating balance throughout all the areas of your life! 💛 Including funnel designs💛

If you’re ready to sharpen your focus and hit the bullseye with your target audience? 🎯 Let's dive into a power-packed hour on Zoom where we'll:

  1. Get crystal-clear on your target audience,
  2. Craft and launch an irresistible offer that fits like a glove,
  3. Toss around ideas for upsells and downsells to make your funnel sizzle,
  4. Pinpoint the perfect type of funnel that aligns with your big goals and vision,
  5. Brainstorm a killer value ladder to elevate your brand,
  6. Figure out where your offer fits within the linchpin framework.

It's your one-hour ticket to clarity and strategy—let's make magic happen!

Just $197 unlocks it all! A spectacular special for the Clickfunnels crew!

And If zooming past the competition sounds exhilarating, 🚀 Join this call and let’s map out your express route to success! We’ll craft your custom sales funnel, design a strategic value ladder, and whip up a blueprint that puts you on top. Plus, we’ll sneak a peek at your competitors to find those golden gaps and opportunities just waiting to be grabbed. Get ready for clarity, strategy, and a whole lot of winning!



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My #1 priority is your happiness, which means your satisfaction is my main goal. Pleas note, however that due to the nature of this consultation, all payments are final.

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