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Hello! I’m Shai Aguiran, your go-to ClickFunnels-certified builder dedicated to transforming your expertise into a visually stunning and strategically optimized membership site. I focus on creating experiences tailored to your ideal avatar, ensuring every aspect of your funnel motivates and inspires them to take action.

I specialize in the MIFGE funnel strategy, a proven method to strategically position your monthly recurring revenue offer in front of your ideal customers. This approach is essential for building a sustainable and profitable business model because it directly contributes to attracting and retaining members.

What You Get With My Service:

1. Lead Magnet ($697 Value)

▸ 2 Page Funnel

● Opt In Page

● Thank You & Redirect to your MIFGE

▸ Email Sequence

● Welcome Workflow

2. Early Bird / PreLaunch Funnel ($697 Value)

▸ 2 Page Funnel

● Opt In Page

● Thank You & Redirect to your MIFGE

▸ Email Sequence

● Welcome Workflow

3. Funnel Hub with Newsletter OptIn (4 Pages Hub) ($1,497 Value)

▸ Home Page Control

▸ About Attractive Character

▸ About Movement

▸ Products / Resources

▸ Strategy & Approach

▸ Content Hub

▸ Reviews & Case Studies

Newsletter OptIn

● Thank You Page

4. Newsletter ($397 Value)

▸ Thank You Page

▸ Newsletter Broadcast Set Up & Template

5. MIFGE Funnel ($1,997 Value)

▸ 4-6 Page Funnel

● Opt In Page

● Order Form

● OTO Page

● Thank You & Redirect Page

▸ Main Offer curation

▸ Bonuses & Resources

▸ Digital Asset Creation

▸ Email Sequences:

● 3 Abandoned Cart Workflows

● Welcome Email Workflows

● 6 Email Indoctrination Workflows

6. Membership Site ($2,497 Value)

▸ 1-3 Ascending Levels

Allows your members to upgrade their subscription at any time

Customized Pages:

● Customer Center Dashboard: A centralized location showing your courses, digital assets, Products and community

● Course Page, Module Page, and Lesson page all built to your brand with seamless navigation

● Navigation Bar that leads to all of your courses, lessons, products, community and more!

7. Success Path™️ Design Package ($497 Value)

► Success Path Banner

► Level Icons

► Visual Progression of milestones ahead

8. Sales Copy for Each Page: I craft compelling sales copy that speaks directly to your audience. ($997 Value)

9. Professional Graphic Design: I provide individual product designs, thumbnails, and a comprehensive MIFGE mockup, along with creative background designs tailored to your branding.

10. Detailed Offer Stack: I showcase the tremendous value and savings your offer provides.

PLUS You'll also get these FREE Bonuses!!

🆓 Bonus #1: 30-Day Comprehensive Account Management: ($697 Value) I provide troubleshooting, split testing, and regular updates to ensure flawless site operation.

🆓 Bonus #2: Private Community Platform Build: ($697 Value) On ClickFunnels 2.0, Mighty Networks, or Circle. This fosters member-to-member support and enhances retention.

Your members can form relationships, share successes, and motivate each other, enhancing the overall value of your offering.

🆓 Bonus #3: Professional Graphic Design: ($997 Value) First impressions are crucial. I ensure your site looks impeccable, reflecting your professionalism and expertise. I provide individual product designs, thumbnails, and a comprehensive MIFGE mockup, course and lesson thumbnails and more.

Total value of: $11,667

Yours today for only $4,997

(That's a $6,670 savings that's only available for my first 2 clients here on the Funnel Builder MarketPlace)

[ ** due to the large production of this project, I can only take in 1 Linchpin Suite client per month** ]

Why You Should Work with Me:

Avatar Focused: I take the time to deeply understand your target audience, ensuring every site I craft enhances engagement and drives retention.

Comprehensive Design Excellence: I meticulously design every element, from sophisticated graphics to product mockups, ensuring they perfectly reflect your unique brand and professional image.

Strategic Implementation: I ensure your site not only looks great but performs exceptionally well, turning visitors into loyal members using Conversion Rate Optimization techniques and strategies to build your funnel.

Exclusive Offer: Only $1,797 for my first 3 clients here on Funnel Builder Marketplace! This is a one-time introductory price reflecting my debut on this platform!

Typical Turnaround: 5-6 weeks, depending on your readiness with your materials, such as content videos, avatar details, and main offer & bonus readiness, etc, that are necessary to complete the project.

The Linchpin is a tough strategy to implement on your own, take all of the guess work out of the way and I'll guide you through every step of the way! Here is to building your Level 1 Linchpin Suite!



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42 Days Delivery

Refund Policy

I ensure top-quality delivery on all projects and provide 30-day post-project account management to address any necessary improvements at no additional cost. Upon project completion, you will receive all digital assets to enable future enhancements on your own or with my assistance. Due to the custom nature of the services, all payments are non-refundable.

Shai Aguiran


Member since January 2023