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Are you excited by the opportunities for your business in the world of funnels, but find yourself a little lost when trying to execute? 

Have a funnel mostly built, but need help to get it over the finish line?

Want to upgrade your existing funnel, but not exactly sure where to start?

And don’t want to invest days or weeks fumbling around to make changes that may or may not actually work.

This Done-With-You service caters to individuals who desire a hands-on, personalized approach to creating effective, high performing funnels. These sessions focus exactly where YOU need assistance with an exclusive opportunity to learn and work directly with a Certified Funnel Building Expert. No sifting through help videos or website support portals to uncover just the information or instructions you need.

Get your questions answered in real time so you can make changes immediately and FINISH THAT FUNNEL. Each session is followed with a recording of the session for your ease of reference later.

What To Expect:

One-on-One Live Training: Work through your list of questions and outstanding issues over 4 hours of live training, spread across up to 3 days. The first session must be a 2 hour block for deep immersion, but the remaining time can be split over 1 session of 2 hours or 2 sessions of an hour each. This allows us to work through your funnel build in real time, with immediate implementation, feedback and funnel audibles to suit your specific needs without creating overwhelm.

Flexible Scheduling: Allows you to break up the sessions in a way that makes sense for your build. This gives you time to implement each session, so that the training builds on itself instead of overwhelming you by trying to do everything at once.

Recording of Each Training Session:  A full recording of each session will be provided for later reference including a Quick Reference Summary List of outstanding issues discussed during the session so you continue to build momentum. 



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Refund Policy

Once the first session commences, there are no refunds for this service.

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Member since October 2023