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Dear future 2 Comma Club Award winner,

Reading this means two things: you're an action-taker and a smart entrepreneur.

You don't want to waste your resources on testing various webinar funnels and strategies, hoping something sticks.

Instead, you want to allocate your resources in the right direction and skip the testing phase.

Or you might feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the many options, funnel design, copy, webinar script, etc…

And wish to get it right from the start.

Or maybe, you're looking to avoid spending weeks and hundreds of dollars buying traffic, only to have it flop in the end and leave you feeling like a failure.

Don't worry, it's not your fault.

The digital marketing game is overly complex.

It has countless moving parts, such as offers, funnels, copy, design, ads, emails, pixels, and more.

You probably excel in your field but lack the time to master all the other necessary skills, strategies, and tactics.

After all, you're not looking to start a second job as a marketing consultant.

Your goal is to create a successful online business, assist others on your journey, and secure a path to financial freedom.

This journey begins with creating a high-converting webinar funnel that gets results.

Plus a personalized marketing strategy that considers your budget and goals to help you find and reach your best customers.

That's exactly what you'll get with me.

I've assisted 317 entrepreneurs in achieving their goals...

Drawing on my 5 years of experience as a marketing consultant...

And my extensive training and certifications from major platforms such as Meta (Facebook), Google/YouTube, and the Clickfunnels certification program.

Furthermore, I've worked with several 2 CC winners.

And I was privileged to be part of the $25,000 Russell Brunson inner circle—a secret group available to only a select few.

This gave me a unique opportunity to learn the secret strategies and tactics of the top players in the game and apply them to help my clients.

For example, Caroline, who was struggling with expensive leads, saw her cost per lead drop from $70 to just $2-$3 after working with me.

Cedric lost +$1,000 on his first try, but after we worked together and started our new funnel, he started making sales the very next day.

Randy achieved a 4:1 Return On Ad Spend right from the start, effectively turning each $1 spent on ads into $4 in profit.

The list goes on, which is why I boast a 4.9/5 rating with more than 80 reviews.

Think about it...

Those 2CC entrepreneurs invested their efforts and resources in testing and optimizing to carve a path to success.

Now, you have the opportunity to take a shortcut.

Model what works and use their proven strategies and tactics to ensure your success too.

So Here's What you will get:

I'll create a high-converting webinar funnel modeling one of the 2CC winners in your niche. 

Following Russell Brunson's proven strategies.

This approach maximizes your chances of success without the need for you to try countless things.

And saves your time and money by skipping the testing phase and taking a proven shortcut.

I'll take care of the entire process (design, copy, tech)

So you can focus on what's important to you

But that's not all...

You'll also get:

DFY ad campaign that effectively secures webinar attendees who are the perfect fit for your customer avatar at an unbeatable cost. (Value $1,000)

Get high-converting DFY sales copy: saving you from the hassle of mastering copywriting or spending a fortune on professional writers. (Value $997)

Russell Brunson's perfect webinar script to convert attendees into buyers. (Value $47)

Professional Webinar Slides Template: Canva-perfect webinar slides to ensure your presentation looks professional, saving you preparation time, and effortlessly editable without hiring a designer. (Value $47)

Secure Your Account: How to create your Business Manager to protect your personal account. (Value $97)

Find Your Ideal Customers: I’ll research to find the best targeting option for you. (Value $47)

Get Perfect Pixel Setup: I’ll set up your pixel optimally so you don’t end up losing data or getting the wrong traffic. (Value $97)

Total value: $3,832

You'll receive all the bonuses for FREE if you're the first to secure this service today.

Plus, act now and get this service for just $497 instead of the regular $1,500 price

Saving you $1000.


Why offer this service at such a crazy price?

1)Charging such an amount would defeat the purpose of this service, which is helping entrepreneurs on a limited budget and time, but still want to succeed.

3)This is a new service listing, and I'm looking to gather reviews quickly.

Once I receive a few, the price will revert to its normal rate.


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Perfect Webinar Package

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You're eligible for a full refund if you decide to cancel. However, once I've delivered my work, I can't offer refunds because it involves special strategies that are my secret sauce. But rest assured I'm committed to providing you the best service. Your success is my success.

Aiman L


Member since April 2019