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Funnel Hacking Blueprint: Discover & Master the Secrets That Make Your Competitors Funnels Successful




Funnel Strategy

Funnel Audibles


Do you already have a funnel, but it’s just not converting?

Or need a funnel, but don’t know where to start? 

You see other funnels for YOUR NICHE, so you know there’s a market there. How do you successfully reach it?! 

How do you speed up the process of creating your own successful funnel? 

Analyze what already works!!!!  

- Breakdown what and how your most successful competition’s funnels are designed

- Review different versions of their funnels, taking note of how the audience targeting reframes

- Understand their email messaging system

- Find Success Patterns among and across the competitor funnels

Then MODEL what is already working 

Why reinvent the wheel when you can focus instead on how to make it go faster!


1 – Screenshots of each page of the reviewed Competitor Funnels (up to 3 funnels)        

2 – Visual Funnel Maps for each reviewed funnel so you can see a birds-eye view of how they flow and the larger strategy

3 – Email sequence copies for each funnel

4 - Researched Names for your most prolific marketing competitors

5 – Video break down and analysis of the Funnel Strategy and Copy for each reviewed funnel

6 – Strategic Funnel Visual Map for YOUR product modeled from the researched funnels

7– 60 minute Zoom call to review and answer any follow-up questions

 ** Additional funnel reviews can be added upon request with an additional fee

** Cost for purchasing information or physical products, memberships, etc additional to the price with parameters approved upfront in Onboarding call

What is Not Included:

-Funnel Design

-Funnel Build


A Little About Me:

I love a good story! And have spent most of my life in pursuit of telling great stories, both in creating and managing film & tv production. There's nothing more exciting and satisfying than seeing a project successfully come together because we all brought our A game.

I love learning!! Which is probably why one of my favorite places in the world is Powell's Bookstore in Oregon. Books have been my friend for as long as I can remember. Though running a close second is making my body work hard. Like Triathlons and Krav Maga or just doing a little thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Expanding my brain and body to take me farther is where my heart beats fastest!



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