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Application Funnel


Build an Application Funnel by A Certified Funnel Builder (either CF Classic or CF2.0)

What it covers:

  1. 30-minute Strategy Session to understand your the business and the goals to be achieved with an application funnel
  2. Preparation and funnel building:

  1. building a copywriting for the funnel based on client's avatar
  2. creating background images
  3. creating a favicon
  4. creating color pattern, fonts, shadows, buttons, borders, corners
  5. website graphic design

  1. building sales opt-in page
  2. building application form pages
  3. building thank you page
  4. building order form page
  5. building order confirmation page
  6. add and configure products

  1. funnel testing
  2. SEO optimization
  3. mobile optimizations
  4. configuring buttons and digital assets

Finalizing process: The client will be able to request up to 3 edits/revisions within 2 days after the first draft is completed.

  1. Privacy Policy. If client does not have a privacy policy it will be generated using CF Business tool and linked to the footer of the funnel

Client will need to have an active ClickFunnels account no later than 3 days after buying this application funnel building service.



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14 Days Delivery

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Once we started working on the project, there will be no refunds.

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