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I'm Carla Lee and today, one of the Certified Funnel Builders personally trained by Russell Brunson and his team.

I'm so glad you are here and I'm honored that you are considering me to build your webinar funnel.

Why choose me among the many choices you have? To start, I'm not just a funnel builder, but a business consultant. You and I both know that effective marketing isn’t just about flashy ads and buzzwords—it's both an art and a science, demanding a precise blend of creativity, strategic planning, and business acumen.

You could find yourself entrusting your brand and budget to a "marketing bro" who sells you a mirage, lacking the foundational understanding of business intricacies and the nuances of project management. In such a complex field, you need a partner who not only speaks marketing, but also deeply understands the gears of business operations and strategy.

That's where I come in.

By choosing to work with me, you're not just hiring a funnel builder. You're gaining a seasoned professional with an MBA and 17 years in the trenches of marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. This extensive experience means I've seen it all—the successes, the failures, and everything in between. I value transparency and I won’t hesitate to provide honest feedback, even if it means telling you that a particular idea might not yield the best results. Instead, I'll do my best to steer you towards strategies that are rooted in the latest data, market trends, and proven tactics, ensuring that you stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving economy.

This custom webinar service is here to launch your quickly, professionally and completely.

This service isn't just about hosting webinars; it's about crafting a complete, customer experience. From the moment someone discovers your webinar to the point they become a devoted customer, we've got you covered.

Everything You Get (Deliverables)

Custom Registration Page + Thank You Page

Pre- Webinar Email Follow Ups (Up to 5 Emails)

Post Webinar Sales Page + Thank You Page

Order Form Setup

Post Webinar Follow Up Emails (Up to 5 Emails)

BONUS: Mobile + Desktop Optimization

BONUS: Free Strategy Session with Carla Lee

Here is the best part – we customize our service to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re promoting a new idea, educating the market, or aiming to boost your sales, we tailor our service to meet your specific goals.

How To Get Started:

  1. Send me message here so we can meet for a quick call to discuss your goals and how I can help (think of this a free mini strategy session)
  2. Order now! I only take on a limited number of clients to dedicate the proper time required for a project like this. If you are ready, hit the ORDER now button and you will be directed to the next steps.



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Webinar Build w/ Carla Lee

Refund Policy

I'm committed to providing exceptional service tailored to your unique needs. My goal is to ensure your satisfaction and to foster a long-term, collaborative relationship. Refund Terms: 24-Hour Window for Refund: We understand that circumstances can change. Therefore, if you need to cancel your engagement with us, you're eligible for a full refund if the cancellation request is made within 24 hours following our on-boarding call. This policy helps us schedule our time and resources effectively, ensuring we can provide the best service to all our clients. After Work Commences: Once we've started working on your project (post 24-hour window), we're fully committed to your success. Due to the nature of our services involving significant time and effort, refunds are not available beyond this point. However, we promise to work diligently to address any concerns and adjust our strategy to better meet your needs within reasonable bounds. No Guarantee of Specific Results: We bring our expertise, experience, and dedication to every project. However, it's important to recognize that the efficacy of our services can be influenced by various factors beyond our control, such as market conditions, the uniqueness of your product or service, and individual sales skills. Therefore, while we strive for excellence, we cannot guarantee specific performance outcomes. Our Commitment to You: Your satisfaction is paramount to us. If at any point you're not satisfied with the direction of our work, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to listen and to adapt our strategies to better align with your vision and goals.

Carla Lee Martinez


Member since July 2022