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We start with answering all your questions and your MIFGE Strategy call!  

During this 1 hour call we will go over all your questions and help you craft your Most Incredible Free Gift Ever that your target audience won't be able to live without.

Then we start building a high-converting funnel from start to finish with seamless user experience in mind.

Your funnel will have 4 steps, including your Landing Page with MIFGE VSL (2 variations with split test), One Upsell Page, One Downsell Page and your Thank You Page.

5 powerful nurture emails (Soap Opera Sequence) to further cement your bond with your clients.

Analytics & Optimization: 30 days fine-tuning your funnel for maximum results.


Please note that your funnel will be built on the avatar research you present.


The more in-depth your avatar research, the better your funnel will be and the higher your conversions.


If you need help with a FIVE STAR Avatar and Brand Voice Blueprint that blows your competition out of the water, please get this service FIRST:


Summary of deliverables:

  1. 1 hour MIFGE Strategy Call - Value $100
  2. 4 step funnel: MIFGE page (2 variations), Upsell, Downsell, TY page - Value $2,500
  3. 5 powerful nurture emails - Value $500
  4. 30 days optimization and split test - Value $1,000

TOTAL VALUE $4,100 FOR JUST $2,597


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10 Days Delivery


Refund Policy

After our 1 hour+ call to go over all your questions, all sales are final

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