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Lead/Opt-In Funnel Template Designed By A Certified Funnel Builder 3





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This funnel template was built and designed by a Certified Click Funnels Specialist based on the control. The control is the model and strategy that is performing the best across all industries and will help you to grow your email list....which is the one of the most valuable assets you could own.

The highly effective, yet easy to use funnel can help collect leads whether you are selling physical products, digital products, or even affiliate marketing.

The template includes:

  1. Full 2 page funnel template that can be easily imported into your ClickFunnels 2.0 account.
  2. Pre-mobile optimized
  3. Pre-setup of the Pop Up and Buttons Setting
  4. BONUS: Free How-To Course on how to modify your funnel for optimal performance
  5. BONUS: Free Post Funnel Checklist

**Please note that your funnel is subject to many variables and there is no guarantee that will have a certain level of performance.



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