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✅ Do I Need a Funnel?

✅ What Am I Supposed to Do Next?

✅ Everyone says I need a funnel, how do I even start?

✅ Not sure where to go or what to do next?

✅ Think you need a funnel, but not sure where to start?

Or Maybe You've Already Started

✅ My business has some momentum, but it's capable of so much more

✅ I know what I am supposed to do, but I need a "who", I can't do this alone

✅ Some items are in place, but I need to pull it all together and really make some money

✅ Want 2024 to be your year ?

Any or all of the above may apply or you may have other questions and concerns.

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Funnel building helps any business in any industry and a step-by-step approach is recommended when you get started.

Passion and hard work are awesome, but Passion + Planning = $$$$

I'm Donna O'Leary, Click Funnels Certified Funnel Builder, 2CCX member and long-time tech executive gone 1% crazy Funnel Builder & Strategist. In the Funnel Games, we had 24 hours to create a funnel to compete against agencies, colleagues and Russell Brunson's control. The funnel I created landed in the Top 10, then tied for 5th place among a sea of amazingly talented competitors, both solo entrepreneurs and full-blown agency teams.

Using tried and true methodology taught by Russell and his Click Funnels team, we can create something to ensure your business thrives! It all starts with the right strategy.

A former Chief Information Officer, these prices are set to build testimonials and are bound to increase soon. Everything we discuss is recorded and summarized for you.


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