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What This Strategic Marketing & Funnel Consultation Can Do For You:

At the heart of every successful Sales Funnel lies a solid strategy. I am an award-winning ClickFunnels Certified Funnel Builder, Brand Strategist, Business Coach and Consultant. With more than a decade of mastering branding, and marketing, and a legacy of elevating countless businesses, I'm here to infuse your funnel with unparalleled insights and practices. Let's make your business the one everyone talks about!

Feeling overwhelmed or stuck with your funnel? I understand.

The true success of a funnel begins long before you start building your Funnel. It's about capturing the essence of your brand, its unique voice, and creating irresistible offers that ignite conversions. With expertise and ClickFunnel certification in all 12 kinds of funnels, I not only specialize in crafting all kinds of funnels, but creating aesthetically pleasing ones that truly convert. 

Why? Because in today's digital age, first impressions matter. And I'm all about making that impression unforgettable for your target audience!

I'm truly honoured to have been recognized by ClickFunnels as one of the few 'Certified Funnel Builders' worldwide. I'm also working with ClickFunnels as a ‘Funnel Builder Advisor' for their 2CCX program. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to secure 2ND PLACE (High Ticket Application Funnel) in the most coveted 'Design-A-Thon Funnel Builder' competition. It's always a privilege to be acknowledged in a field I'm so passionate about. 🏆

So, are you ready to make your mark in this vast digital universe? Let's join forces and create a funnel that's not just functional but phenomenal!

Unlock Explosive Growth: Let Our Funnel Expertise Supercharge Your Business!

Here Is What You Receive In Your Exclusive ‘Business Intensive’ With Me :

  1. Competitor Funnel Analysis.
  2. Clarity on your target audience.
  3. What type of offer should you launch?
  4. What upsells & downsells should your funnel have?
  5. What type of funnel is best for your goal and vision you have?
  6. How does Sales Funnel Strategy and implementation align with your business?
  7. Brainstorming on creating your Value Ladder to make your product offer absolutely irresistible.
  8. How does your Funnel align with the LINCHPIN framework?
  9. 1 One-hour business intensive will take place on a Zoom call.

The goal of this call is to provide you absolute clarity on the pathway to success using custom sales funnels creating a strategic Value Ladder, Sales Funnel Blueprint and doing a quick Competitor Analysis to utilize the gaps and opportunities.



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Strategic Marketing & Funnel Consultation

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No Refunds/Returns/Transfers Due To Custom Nature Of The Service/Product. Before we start the project, make sure you're 100% on board. Got any questions or need clarity on something? We're here to chat and make sure you are making informed decisions and thrilled about the next steps. We're deeply committed to your success, pouring our heart and soul into every project we take.

Puja Misra


Member since June 2022