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Experience Growth Like Never Before: Let Our Funnel Expertise Supercharge Your Lead Generation!

ClickFunnels Certified Funnel Strategist & Builder (CF2.0)

At the heart of every successful Funnel lies a solid strategy that's customized for your business. I am an award-winning ClickFunnels Certified Funnel Builder, Brand Strategist, Business Coach & Consultant. With more than a decade of mastering branding, marketing, and a legacy of elevating countless businesses, I'm here to infuse your funnel with unparalleled insights and practices. Let's make your business the one everyone talks about!

What This Custom Funnel Can Do For You:

  1. Find the Right People: Think of this funnel as a magnet, drawing in those who are genuinely interested and boosting your chances of conversion.
  2. Grow Your List, the Smart Way: Not only does it collect email addresses, but it also helps you build a list of subscribers who are genuinely interested in what you offer.
  3. Talk Directly to Your Audience: This funnel is your direct line, allowing you to share updates and forge strong, lasting connections with your leads.
  4. Guide Them Home: It's not just about attracting leads; it's about taking them on a journey. This funnel ensures they follow the best path to become loyal customers.
  5. Learn and Adapt: With the insights from this funnel, you're equipped with the knowledge to continuously refine and elevate your approach.

What is included in Your Custom Lead Squeeze/Opt-in Funnel Package

  1. 30 Mins brainstorming call to kick-start the project.
  2. All funnels built on CF.2.0
  3. CF 2.0 account setup.
  4. Funnel Design - 3 Pages, Opt-in Lead Squeeze page with a pop-up on exit intent and buttons, Thankyou page, Privacy Policy (funnel copy provided by client)
  5. Domain Integration - (if the domain is purchased in Clickfunnels)
  6. Complete Brand alignment - With your Brand style guide (Color, Pattern, Fonts, Logo - Provided by client)
  7. Email Setup for Lead Magnet - Welcome email and customer tagging (email copy provided by client)
  8. Mobile Optimization
  9. SEO Metadata and Search Engine Settings - For all pages
  10. Complete Build Test - Funnel testing. We test every button, link, page, and video before sending you the funnel.
  11. Go Live Meeting - 30-minute One On One call for handover - Go live meeting. 
  12. 1 Week Support - once the funnel goes live, including minimal tweaks to format and design.
  13. Privacy Policy - This will guide clients on how to create one for themselves. Linked to the footer of the funnel



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5 Days Delivery

Lead Squeeze Funnel

Refund Policy

No Refunds/Returns/Transfers Due To Custom Nature Of The Service/Product. Before we start the project, make sure you're 100% on board. Got any questions or need clarity on something? We're here to chat and make sure you are making informed decisions and thrilled about the next steps. We're deeply committed to your success, pouring our heart and soul into every project we take. After our 2-week support period wraps up, the ongoing triumph of this funnel is in your capable hands or that of your company.

Puja Misra


Member since June 2022