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If you are a course creator or coach, then you are one of my people.

After starting off as a course creator myself several years ago, I wanted to be able to sell more of those courses using sales funnels, so I didn't have to rely on low-ticket platforms to hopefully sell my course for me.

Since creating a funnel for myself several years ago, I've now worked with several Two Comma Club award winners, and I love helping course creators make more sales online with high-converting funnels.

I typically charge $5,000 for a funnel like this, but since I'm new to this platform I'm discounting my prices so I can get reviews on this platform.

Here's what you get with this funnel:

  1. Choose from these three funnel types:
  2. Event Funnel: Landing page with or without VSL -> Event registration -> VIP Upgrade -> Thank You (4 pages)
  3. VSL Funnel: VSL Landing page with event/conversion tracking delivered back to Youtube/Facebook -> Order page OR Book a call page -> Upsell (optional) -> Thank You + Sales page (4-5 pages)
  4. Webinar Funnel: Webinar Registration Page -> Webinar Room -> Checkout Page -> Upsell (optional) -> Thank You + Sales page (5-6 pages)
  5. Sales page Funnel: Long form sales page with optional 5 minute VSL -> Order page OR Book a call page -> Upsell (optional) -> Thank You (3-4 pages)
  6. All funnel copywriting
  7. Email integrations
  8. BONUS: VSL script OR Webinar outline (if desired)

What makes these funnels unique:

  1. By adding a VSL or landing page video to your funnel using my rocket growth VSL system, you will highly increase your likelihood of getting conversions. Video allows you to emotionally connect with your buyers, providing higher conversion. However, VSL's are not required if you don't want one.
  2. High-quality design: Design plays a large factor into trust. Your funnel visitors will make a split second judgment on whether to trust the site when visiting, and design plays a large role in that.
  3. High converting copy: Anyone can write copy for a website or funnel, but it take years of practice to get what seems like simple text on a page to be text on a page that creates a connection, builds trust, and push those that are a good fit towards converting into a lead, and pushing those that aren't a good fit away so you don't get low quality leads.
  4. I do all the tech stuff so you don't have to. Years ago before diving into the world of marketing, I was a software engineer and IT specialist. If it's tech, it's no sweat.


I will complete this project in 2 weeks or less, after you have submitted your intake form which will be provided to you automatically upon purchase.


  1. This funnel is a good fit for you if you are a coach or course creator who has already made at least a few sales, and even better if you have reviews.
  2. You MUST have a finished course or program before purchasing this funnel, or will be finished within 14 days of purchase or else I will not be able to complete in 14 days
  3. One you purchase, you must fill out the intake form as soon as possible. The sooner you finish the intake form, the sooner I can get started. Please don't skip any questions, and please take the time to provide as much detail as possible about your business
  4. Once I review the intake form, I will schedule an onboarding call to make sure I understand everything correctly before getting started.

What to expect after purchasing:

  1. You will fill out the intake form
  2. I will schedule a brief onboarding call to make sure we're on the same page
  3. If you want a VSL with your funnel, the first thing I'll provide is the VSL script so that you can record and send to your editor.
  4. Within 14 days, you will receive your funnel for review
  5. I will modify it as needed depending on your feedback
  6. After you run traffic to your funnel for 30 days (or sooner if you request), I will provide a free conversion audit and make any adjustments as needed depending on conversion rates.


I will typically be available seven days per week during the 14-day funnel build via email to answer all your questions. We can schedule as little or as many meetings as needed.


I guarantee you will be happy with the funnel I create for you. If you're not happy I will work with you on unlimited revisions until you are. If for some reason I am unable to make you happy after revising the funnel, you're welcome to ask for a full refund (P.S. This has never happened. It's my goal to only have super happy, raving fans when I'm done)

I look forward to working with you and helping you get more course sales so that we can change more lives together through the power of online education!






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14 Days Delivery

Course Creator Custom Funnel (VSL, Webinar, Live Event, or Sales Page Funnel)

Refund Policy

I provide unlimited revisions until your funnel goes live and you are 100% satisfied. If for some reason, I am unable to complete the funnel build within 14 days, I will provide a refund if requested.

Robert Simons


Member since October 2023