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We hope we can start a successful journey with you.

What we do:

  1. We will build your custom 3-page funnel ~ Lead Squeeze, Lead Magnet, etc.
  2. This is not built from a generic template, but we funnel hack to find the right funnel for you.
  3. We add your product knowledge to our expertise and access to tools to create a high performing funnel.
  4. Then we help you through the process to get your new funnel functioning.
  5. Get more details on this by downloading our plan at

Here's What You Get For $300:

  1. A customized 3-Page ClickFunnel using your ideas, images, and product features ($1500 value)
  2. An introductory Onboarding Call to collect information and create a plan for the funnel ($85 value)
  3. A Funnel Scripts Avatar (you do most of the work telling me about your dream customer) ($200 value)
  4. A completed Funnel Script (for example conversion ad script, curiosity ad script, magic button script, order bump script, etc) ($200 value)
  5. Branding (colors pallet, fonts, design) of your choice ($85 value)
  6. Mobile design and implementation - full mobile responsiveness ($150 value)
  7. SEO setup and favicon implementation ($100 value)
  8. 60 days free support after the funnel goes live ($400 value)
  9. Three (3) audibles (funnel changes to match the customer demand) after the funnel has been live for 1 week. ($300 value)
  10. Domain integrations ($75 value)
  11. Stripe or PayPal integration setup ($85 value)


This offer is limited, so you must contact me before you sign up or it may be disqualified.

Marketplace Special Price: $300



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Custom Lead Squeeze Funnel

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