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Does the Domain setup in ClickFunnels make you want to lock yourself in the garage, and rev the engine until the pain goes away?

'Why do they make us use SubDomains in 2.0', you scream...!

'What happened to those beautiful Default Pages in 1.0?', you cry, as you knock back another shot of tequila...

If you've felt any of these pains, I'm here to help.

If you're ready to get your Domain set up Properly, and meet Your Launch Deadline, I'm here to help.

I'm Here To Help You...

IF you need a SubDomain attached to 2.0?

IF you'd like to not have to always use the /path?

IF you want to connect a Root Domain to your Site Home Page or Funnel?

OR even IF you want a very Basic Domain like to resolve to your Funnel, so during a presentation you just say 'Go To to get signed up today...'

(When standard CF 2.0 forces you to have to say, 'Go To https://www.myDomain .com/some-long-path-name'.)

That's Just Silly, AND its NOT Needed!

I've been setting up Domains since 2008, having done it hundreds of times, and I can help you get your Domain squared away in about an hour (or less)!

Whether you just need help setting up a Basic Domain in CF 1.0 or 2.0, or something as complicated as taking any Root Domain and pointing it to any ClickFunnels Funnel, or even a Standalone Page, or Funnel Hub...

Whatever you need I've done it before.

How this service works - it's quite simple - there are no files, or funnels to download.

The entire service is performed Live with you on Zoom.

Prior to our Scheduled Call, make sure you have Purchased the Domain you want Connected to CF 1.0 or 2.0 - you can Purchase this Domain at the Domain Registrar of your choice (GoDaddy, NameCheap, BlueHost, etc.)

Make sure you have all your Login Credentials readily available before getting on the call, and Log Into your ClickFunnels Account as well as your Domain Registrar Account prior to Joining the Call.

On our Call I will walk you thru the process of connecting your Domain to ClickFunnels by running it thru a FREE Cloudflare Account - If you don't have an Existing Cloudflare Account we will create one on the call.

We will set up the Domain in ClickFunnels and Cloudflare, AND we will also set up any 'Page Rules' needed to fulfill your objectives...

Here are some options for Setting Up The Domain:

- Connect the Domain to go to the Site Home Page

- Connect the Domain to go to A Funnel without a Path Required

- Connect the Domain, without the SubDomain, to the Site Home Page or a Funnel

- Connect a Domain, not Connected to ClickFunnels, to a Site Home Page or a Funnel

- A combination of any of the above...

Money Back Guarantee - if I'm not able to set up your Domain the way you want/need it set up, I will refund your entire purchase price.



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Custom Domain Setup

Refund Policy

If I'm not able to get your domain working properly I will refund your purchase price.

Dan Havey


Member since October 2018