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Let a Top Copywiter and AWARD WINNING MARKETER write your Perfect Webinar Script.

As we haven't met yet, here is a short virtual handshake (1 min video on YouTube) so that you can put a face on my name 😄:

Now let’s dive into what you are here for, conversions!

Are you tired of watching your webinars fall flat? You've spent countless hours honing your product, pouring your heart and soul into your business, only to see mediocre results.

It's disheartening. But you know what? It's not your fault. Most businesses wrestle with generic scripts that simply don't resonate with their audience.

Let me share a quick story.

Russell Brunson and Jason Fladlien, two giants of the digital marketing industry, cracked the code to ultra-successful webinars.

Their scripts have raked in millions of dollars in sales. But what if you could leverage their wisdom and take it a notch higher?

I’m Koen De Wit, a persuasion copywriter, mentored by A-list copy writers.

I’ve spent years honing this craft, combining the potent strategies of Brunson and Fladlien, and adding my unique touch.

The result? A highly-tailored, captivating script that doesn’t just sell, it makes your audience sit up and listen.

Here is feedback from Luba Evans, a successful relationship coach, on a webinar I recently wrote for her:


What's Included:

1.    Tailored Perfect Webinar Script: A powerful script customized for your business and market niche, designed to captivate your audience and drive conversions.

+ FREE! Message-to-Market Match Research Blueprint, valued at $1,197

2.    Comprehensive Market Research: I conduct an exhaustive analysis of your market, your competitors, and your customers' pain points, resulting in a script that deeply resonates with your audience.

3.    Unlimited Revisions: Your 100% satisfaction is my mission. I'll refine the script until you feel it’s perfect.

4.    Consistent Communication and Updates: Stay informed with regular project updates and engage with me anytime for any discussions or clarifications.

What's Not Included (can be added on checkout):

Please note, the service does not include the creation of slides for the presentation or the hosting of the webinar.

You are paying for a webinar script written based on your past research. If your research lacks a deep understanding of your avatars needs, we WILL need to do research or expand on your avatar.

If you don't have DEEP Avatar Research briefs on the PSYCHOGRAPHICS of your clients, please contact me first before buying.

How can you start?

  1. Secure Your Spot: Convinced about the transformative power of a perfect webinar script? Great! Book your spot today
  2. Onboarding & Strategy Planning: You'll receive an easy-to-fill document to gather more details about your business. Then we'll have a comprehensive strategy call to outline our game plan.
  3. Collaboration & Revision: Together, we'll shape your sript. With unlimited revisions, we’ll ensure it’s perfectly aligned with your vision and audience’s needs.

Want to meet first and get to know me?

Of course! But to make sure you are serious and ready to move forward, I charge a small fee for my time and I want to make sure you show up!  

Those who pay, pay attention 😉, and even if you don't hire me, you'll walk away with valuable knowledge that far outweighs a few bucks!

Schedule your strategy call with me HERE:

And if you are shy, just hit the SEND MESSAGE button here on the page and send me a message. 

I will be in touch asap, sometimes within the hour!

About Me:

I have been in the online marketing space for many years. After building websites for many years, in 2017 I also started helping clients with funnels.  

As a Facebook media buyer I saw so many people driving their ads traffic into poor landing pages, so I started helping my clients with funnels too.

I bring a unique blend of expertise as a funnel consultant/builder, marketing strategist, and direct response copywriter.

I’m not just a funnel builder; I'm passionate about helping you succeed. The joy of witnessing your business grow and thrive - that's what drives me.

I am in the 2CCX program so I get all the latest tactics directly from Russell, and I'm blessed to have worked on several 2CC Winning funnels!

Now let's start!




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