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Dear Marketer, business owner, coach, expert, and digital entrepreneur’s,

This is the exact same template that I have strategically placed into my clients businesses to generate over $10 million in revenue.

I’ve stripped down the basic mechanics of the highest converting funnels we’ve ever built or placed into a business and then made them into generic templates that you can copy and paste into your ClickFunnels Account (1.0) and simply add your copy and images (using the FREE bonuses) and launch a new offer in record time.

This template has been mobile, speed, and conversion rate optimized.

This truly is the supercar of funnels. Each piece of each funnel is strategically placed in that specific order and location based on millions of clicks worth of split testing across thousands of landing pages.

All you have to do is add your copy, images, and your logo to get these cranking out sales like a snow cone stand on a hot summer day.

I am a Clickfunnels Expert. I worked for Clickfunnels Official and Russell Brunson, as a funnel builder on the marketing team for about 3 years before I quit to go out on my own and started a funnel building agency. During that time I learned an incredible amount of information about how real businesses function online and needless to say I have succesfully implemented that knowledge in countless funnels and businesses since.

During my time at ClickFunnels as a funnel builder, I helped build and launch the Funnel Builder Certification Program, as well as helped migrate the entire company over to ClickFunnels 2.0.

With all of that experience in mind, here is what I am happy to provide you with:

Here Is What You Get For $5:

  1. x1 Lead Magnet Funnel (2 funnel steps)
  2. Conversion rate optimized
  3. Speed optimized
  4. Mobile optimized

Here is the live URL's and what the backend looks like to the exact templates your getting:

Live URL:

In App:

+ 6 Outrageous Bonuses:

  1. Bonus #1: 7 Figure Business Blueprint - Get the exact framework that we use to scale our clients funnel based business to 6 & 7 figures and beyond. Our high ticket clients pay us each month to implement this framework into their businesses. You can have it for $0 ($10,000/mo Value).

  1. Bonus #2: 25+ Editable Mockups - These are our favorite editable canva mockups that we use in our agency every day to make our funnel designs POP and compete with cutting edge designs.

  1. Bonus #3: Unlimited Content Creation Framework - Get the exact framework that we teach our clients how to use to create nearly unlimited content for all social platforms. It is as easy as entering your keywords and answering questions!

  1. Bonus #4: 2,453 Potentially Profitable Niches To Sell In - With this free bonus PDF you can find over 2,000 potentially profitable niches to enter into with your funnels and offers. This free bonus will get ideas cranking out for new offers across thousands of niches and audiences.

  1. Bonus #5: Launch Checklist - Its no secret that without a proper once over before launching your new funnels and offers, that you set yourself up for a potential flop. Get the launch checklist we use daily for our clients to ensure an accurate delivery and launch of new offers. This is the last, yet most important step to launching any new offer.

  1. Bonus #6: Members Only Facebook Group - Tired of talking to your mom and aunt on socials about your new business you're starting? Lets get you connected with like minded people on the same path as you in our Funnels & Automation members only group. It is packed full of digital entreprenuers just like you on the road to success selling digital products and services.

+ Optional Order Upgrades:

  1. A.I. Communication Accelerator ($99) - Fire Your Copywriter w/ ChatGPT Copy Prompts + 33 Proven Prewritten Email Templates.
  2. Fire Your Copywriter w/ ChatGPT Copy Prompts - harness the power of A.I. to accelerate your copy in your funnels. Using a "prime" command, you can prime ChatGpt to become a "B+" copywriter and then use the included commands in the accelerator to fill your funnels with compelling copy to help scale sales and leads.
  3. The A.I. Communication Accelerator also comes with 33 proven prewritten email templates that we use in our own, and our clients business to accelerate results behind the scenes, these sequences include:

  1. Done For You Template Customization + Images + Copy ($1497)
  2. Don't want to build it all out yourself? No worries, I'll customize this template to match your existing assets or create a custom theme and fill the funnel with compelling (A+) copy and images.
  3. Delivered in 3-5 business days.


Do you have ClickFunnels 2.0 templates?

No, we're only servicing 1.0 until further notice

How soon do I get my funnels and bonuses after checkout?

Immediately after checkout the funnels and bonuses are available on the thank you page of the Funnel Builder Marketplace Platform.

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**** Please note that these templates are only for ClickFunnels 1.0 (Classic/Original) **** Due to the nature of our business and digital products we do not offer refunds. We are confident in the results we deliver and have the reviews to back it, we stand behind our work and our clients, as your success is our success!

Michael Harris


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