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Unleash Your Marketing Potential: Expert Coaching for Strategic Success!

Feeling lost in the marketing maze?

It's time to unlock your marketing prowess with personalized coaching that propels your business forward.

My Promise: Accelerated Marketing Mastery

Get ready to revamp your marketing strategy with personalized coaching tailored to your unique needs. With my help, you'll navigate the marketing landscape with ease and confidence, transforming obstacles into opportunities.

Who is Tanya?

Hello, I'm Tanya, your personal guide on this transformative journey. Over the past 17 years, I've accrued extensive experience in marketing, funnel building, and leveraging AI for marketing efficiency. Now, I'm offering my expertise to you, so you can elevate your marketing strategy and achieve your business goals.

Limited spots are available, Grab yours today!

My usual offer:

✅ 30-minute session for $47

✅ 1-hour session for $97

✅ 3 x 1-hour sessions for $197 - A comprehensive session dedicated to fine-tuning your marketing approach, with hands-on advice on implementing strategies.

Template option:

✅You get 1 template every month for 12 months (usually $47 x 12 = $564)

✅Marketing automation paid monthly newsletter for 12 months (usually $25 x 12 = $300)

Total cost $864

Note I am not even mentioning value, the value you will receive is x 10, this is just my normal funnel marketplace prices

Special offer: $150 upfront

Coaching and Template option:

✅You get 1 template every month for 12 months (usually $47 x 12 = $564)

✅Marketing automation paid monthly newsletter for 12 months (usually $25 x 12 = $300)

✅24 x 1 hour Coaching calls (2 per month x 12). Learn how to automate your marketing, let me teach you how to write sales copy, email marketing etc with AI, or streamline social media, or plug-in tech in the background and customize your monthly template. (Usually $97 x 12 = $1164)

Total cost $2028

Note I am not even mentioning value, the value you will receive is x 10, this is just my normal funnel marketplace smaller package prices. My actual 1-year coaching costs $9,997. You save tons!

Special offer: $997 upfront

Each session offers personalized, focused attention to ensure your marketing needs are met and your strategy is honed for maximum impact. But don't delay! Due to my commitment to personalized attention, I can only accommodate a limited number of clients.

Why Choose Me?

With a robust background in various marketing aspects, I provide comprehensive coaching that encompasses every facet of marketing. So, why struggle alone when I can guide you with proven strategies and techniques?

Transform your marketing challenges into marketing triumphs today. Sign up NOW and let's make marketing magic together!

Some of the feedback of my clients:

"Tanya's coaching session was a complete game-changer for my business. She not only helped me refine my marketing strategy but also showed me how to leverage AI for efficiency. I am now seeing a significant increase in conversions. Thank you, Tanya!" - Julia , E-commerce Entrepreneur

"As a new business owner, I was lost in the world of funnels and social media strategy. Tanya guided me with ease and clarity. The improvement in my marketing approach has been phenomenal. Highly recommended!" - Michael , Startup Founder

"I booked a one-hour session with Tanya, and it's the best investment I've made in my business this year. She's knowledgeable, approachable, and genuinely committed to helping her clients succeed. I'm thrilled with the results!" - Carlos, Online Fitness Coach

"Tanya's expertise in marketing strategy is exceptional. Her coaching helped me understand where I was going wrong and how to optimize my efforts. Now, I feel confident about my marketing and am seeing the results to prove it!" - Katie, Lifestyle Blogger

"I've struggled with effective funnel building for years. Then I found Tanya. Her unique insights and actionable advice have revolutionized my approach. My sales have skyrocketed thanks to her coaching. Thank you, Tanya!"- Bill , Sales Pro Coach

"Breaking into the game development industry is tough, especially when it comes to marketing our games. I was struggling with understanding the nuances of funnel strategy and social media marketing until I found Tanya. Her coaching was precisely what I needed! Tanya has an innate ability to make complex concepts seem simple and manageable. With her guidance, our marketing strategy improved drastically, which resulted in an incredible increase in game downloads and positive user feedback. I can't thank Tanya enough for her insights and support!" - Nick, Game Developer

Why use me? See some results and examples of what I can do:



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0% Money Back Guarantee This is not a book or a course that you do on your own. This is my time and expert advise to help support you. If you do not pitch for the call, and do not rebook it ahead of time, I will not refund, simply because my time is blocked out for appointments.

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