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Linchpin Funnel Strategy Session With James Curran




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Unleash Recurring Revenue on Autopilot and Watch Your Business Grow!

Want stable, recurring revenue so you can finally have stability and predictability in your business?

Have you been hearing about Russell Brunson's Linchpin model and want to get in on it?

Hi I'm James, the "Linchpin Funnel Guy". I've been going deep with Russell and his Two Comma Club X coaches on Linchpin since before FHL 2022!

Linchpin is the framework that Russell uses for all of his businesses. He will literally get rid of a business if it can't convert to Linchpin.

The reason why is it is the way to massively scale online and generate steady cash flow instead of individual promotions.

There's a well defined art and science to achieving this and I'm one of the best in the business.

Let's get on a call together and map out your Linchpin Funnel System so you can skyrocket your cash flow on autopilot!

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James is the person you want on your team if you want to succeed in the shortest amount of time. He is a bottom line guy that I appreciate very much. As time for me is of essence. Great energy and extensive expertise when it comes to building linchpin funnels. Very happy that He agreed to work with me. He and Alma make sure I have everything I need to succeed. Beginning with the mindset and the best strategy for my funnel. Try it for yourself and I am sure you will feel the same way!


On 18 Aug 2023

James definitely knows his stuff and he was able to assist with helping me work out my ideal customer and how to go about targeting them. He is very knowledgeable about funnels in general and particularly the linchpin framework and gave me some great ideas of how to turn my concepts into a membership system. I highly recommend James and I will be back again.


On 30 Jun 2023



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Linchpin Funnel Strategy Session with Linchpin Blueprint

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If you are not 100% satisfied with the expert Linchpin Strategy session I will 100% refund your money. Zero risk to you!

James Curran


Member since November 2022