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Who better to get advice from than an AWARD WINNING FUNNEL BUILDER?

As we haven't met yet, here is a short virtual handshake (1 min video on YouTube) so that you can put a face on my name 😄:

Now let’s dive into what you are here for, SUCCESS!

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Do you want to outperform the leaders in your niche? Are you ready to not just follow but set the pace in your market?

If yes, welcome to your game-changing Success Hacking Blueprint!

In the battlefield of modern markets, having insight into your competition isn't just valuable; it's transformational.

Why stumble in the dark when you can step into the spotlight, confidently navigating the market dynamics? As Tony Robbins quoted “The shortest road to success is to model success” - Tony Robbins.

Harness the power of proven strategies, reimagine your potential, and prepare for exponential growth in your own blue ocean.

With your Success Hacking Blueprint, I'll identify the dominating forces in your niche and decode their strategies, handing you the blueprint to their success, and yours.

Your Gains from My Deep-Dive Analysis:

  1. Audiences Targeted: Unearth who your competitors are appealing to and discover untapped segments ready for your engagement.

  1. Big Ideas: Shine a light on the revolutionary ideas driving your competition's success and fuel your own innovation.

  1. Unique Mechanism & Copy breakdowns: Decode their USPs and persuasive language that compels their audience to action so that you can create yours

  1. Ads and Traffic: Gain insights into their advertising strategies and traffic sources to optimize your own outreach efforts.

  1. Email Marketing: Dissect their email strategies and transform your email campaigns into conversion machines.

  1. Funnels: Unravel the magic behind their landing pages, upsells, and downsells to enhance your own conversion strategy.

What's Included:

  1. Competitor Maps: Visualize your competitor's strategy with detailed maps from ads to funnels to emails. See their moves, anticipate their strategies, and plan your winning plays.

  1. Strategy Overview: A comprehensive PDF report (10-15 pages), dissecting your competitor's strategies, equipping you with a roadmap to market domination.

  1. Video Explanations and Recommendations: Cut through complexity with intuitive video explanations and capitalize on personalized strategic recommendations for your business.

What's Not Included:

  1. Copywriting for Pages
  2. Funnel Building
  3. Funnel Design

How can you start?

  1. Secure Your Spot: Convinced about the transformative power of proper DEEP RESEARCH? Great! Book your spot today
  2. Onboarding & Strategy Planning: You'll receive an easy-to-fill document to gather more details about your business. Then we'll have a comprehensive strategy call to outline our game plan.
  3. Collaboration & Revision: Together, we'll shape your success. With unlimited revisions, we’ll ensure it’s perfectly aligned with your vision and audience’s needs.

Want to meet first and get to know me?

Of course! But to make sure you are serious and ready to move forward, I charge a small fee for my time and I want to make sure you show up!  

Those who pay, pay attention 😉, and even if you don't hire me, you'll walk away with valuable knowledge that far outweighs a few bucks!

Schedule your strategy call with me HERE:

And if you are shy, just hit the SEND MESSAGE button here on the page and send me a message. 

I will be in touch asap, sometimes within the hour!

About Me:

I have been in the online marketing space for many years. After building websites for many years, in 2017 I also started helping clients with funnels.  

As a Facebook media buyer I saw so many people driving their ads traffic into poor landing pages, so I started helping my clients with funnels too.

I bring a unique blend of expertise as a funnel consultant/builder, marketing strategist, and direct response copywriter.

I’m not just a funnel builder; I'm passionate about helping you succeed. The joy of witnessing your business grow and thrive - that's what drives me.

I am in the 2CCX program so I get all the latest tactics directly from Russell, and I'm blessed to have worked on several 2CC Winning funnels!

Now let's start!




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