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Let an AWARD WINNING Funnel Builder build your next webinar funnel!

As we haven't met yet, here is a short virtual handshake (1 min video on Youtube) so that you can put a face on my name 😄:

Now let’s dive into what you are here for, funnels!

What I offer isn't just a webinar funnel; I craft your gateway to higher conversions, deeper connections with your audience, and ultimately, propel your business growth.

The Perfect Webinar Funnel Designed For YOUR Success!

Leveraging Russell Brunson’s proven Perfect Webinar Framework, I create dynamic webinar funnels designed to attract, engage, and convert.

I built over 100 funnels, including webinars for 2CCX clients and 2CC Winners. I have the skills and insights necessary to help you reap the full benefits of your webinar.

Order here and collect your FREE GIFT - FREE SPLIT TEST PAGE!

You will not one but 2 landing pages to test!

What's included:

  1. High Converting Registration Page: I'll create an enticing registration page that drives sign-ups and builds excitement about your upcoming webinar.


  1. Engaging Registration Success Page: A well-crafted thank you page designed to confirm registrations and skyrocket your show up rates!

  1. "Makin' Sure They Show" Pre-event Emails: 5 meticulously crafted, pre-event emails designed to ramp up anticipation and secure maximum attendance for your webinar, making you get at least 50-60% attendance rate!

  1. Webinar Broadcast Room: I'll set up a professional, engaging webinar room where your presentation will take place.

  1. Webinar Replay Page: Don’t let the value end with the live webinar. A replay page allows those who missed it to get another chance, widening your conversion opportunities.

What's Not Included (can be added on check out):

  1. Deep Hidden Desire Avatar Research*
  2. Webinar Script

*In a world of intense competition and a fiery battle for attention, a simple demographic avatar (45-year-old soccer mom in suburbia, shopping at whole foods,...) is no longer enough.

How the process works:

  1. Phase ⓵: Kick Off - We start with a 1-hour kick off call where I get to know you, your offer and your webinar requirements. During this hour, we will discuss your strategy, your value ladder, and your offer. If you don't have a value ladder yet or you are unsure, we will help you with that.

  1. Phase ⓶: Implementation - Once we have what we need (logos, photos, avatar worksheet, webinar transcript) we will start building your funnel pages and your emails.

  1. Phase ⓷: Follow-Up & Feedback - We meet for another full hour to go over the work. WE get your input on edits and changes before we move to the final phase.

  1. Phase ⓸: Delivery & Launch - The funnel version of your funnel is ready and you can launch your funnel!

  1. Phase ⓹: White Glove Maintenance - For a full 30 days after delivery and launch we will hold your hand, making sure everything is running smoothly and split test your registration pages.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Message Me: Reach out through the platform, and let's schedule a Zoom call to discuss your specific needs and objectives.
  2. Order Now: Spots are limited, so once you're ready, hit the ORDER NOW button to get started!
  3. Onboarding: I'll provide a link to an onboarding document for you to fill out, helping me understand your business and target audience better.
  4. Close Collaboration: We'll work together through up to 3 revisions to ensure your satisfaction.

Want to meet first and get to know me?

Of course! But to make sure you are serious and ready to move forward, I charge a small fee for my time and I want to make sure you show up!  

Those who pay, pay attention 😉, and even if you don't hire me, you'll walk away with valuable knowledge that far outweighs a few bucks!

Schedule your strategy call with me HERE:

And if you are shy, just hit the SEND MESSAGE button here on the page and send me a message. 

I will be in touch asap, sometimes within the hour!

About Me:

I have been in the online marketing space for many years. After building websites for many years, in 2017 I also started helping clients with funnels.  

As a Facebook media buyer I saw so many people driving their ads traffic into poor landing pages, so I started helping my clients with funnels too.

I bring a unique blend of expertise as a funnel consultant/builder, marketing strategist, and direct response copywriter.

I’m not just a funnel builder; I'm passionate about helping you succeed. The joy of witnessing your business grow and thrive - that's what drives me.

I am in the 2CCX program so I get all the latest tactics directly from Russell, and I'm blessed to have worked on several 2CC Winning funnels!

Now let's start!




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If for some reason you have a change of heart within 72 hours of triggering the BUY NOW button, you will get a full refund, even if we already started working on your project.

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