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**If you did not have an initial consultation with me please schedule it here:

Build a MIFGE/VSL 3 Tier Funnel by A Certified Funnel Builder in CF2.0

What it covers:

Building a copywriting for the funnel based on client's avatar

Getting images, links to the videos from the client

Creating background and other images

Setting up a favicon

Creating a style guide: color pattern, fonts, shadows, buttons, borders, corners, other CF elements

Building MIFGE/3 tier VSL page with detailed programs for each tier with the following sections:


·above the fold

·problem solution

·feature benefit


·offer details

·offer stack



Building 3 Thank You Pages with an order form for each product/membership

Building 3 Upsell pages, one for each tier

Building 3 Down sell pages, one for each tier

Building Order Confirmation page

SEO optimization for all pages

Mobile optimizations for all pages

Creating clean link paths

Configuring buttons, products, order forms and digital assets

Does not include:

  1. Creating videos, logo design - client needs to provide this part.
  2. If client does not have a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions it will be generated using CF Business tool and linked to the footer of the funnel


The first draft of MIFGE/VSL Funnel will be delivered through a shared funnel upon completion. The client will be able to request up to 4 edits/revisions within 5 days after the first draft is completed.

The Products and Configuration to the Payment Gateway will be built in client’s account.

Client will need to have an active Clickfunnels account no later than 3 days after buying this funnel building service.

**It is a discounted price offer only for the first 2 existing clients that already had a strategy call with me.



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14 Days Delivery

Refund Policy

No refund as it is a discounted price listing.

Olga Zavialova


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