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As a Certified ClickFunnels Funnel Builder, I have experience in creating effective and high-converting funnels. My collaborative and results-driven approach involves understanding my client's business goals, target audience, and sales process to develop a customized funnel strategy. Leveraging ClickFunnels' features and functionality, I can create a funnel that maximizes conversions and ROI. I stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in funnel building to ensure my clients receive the best service. If you're looking for a trusted partner to build a high-converting ClickFunnels funnel, I'm here to help.

Here's What You Get When You Work With Me:

  1. Customized lead squeeze funnel built to your specific needs and target audience
  2. A collaborative approach to understanding your business goals and sales process
  3. Expertise in creating high-converting funnels that drive sales
  4. Use of the ClickFunnels platform and its features to create a customized funnel
  5. In-depth knowledge of lead squeeze funnels and how to optimize them for maximum conversions
  6. Optional services to match your needs, including email marketing, automation, and payment integrations ($67)
  7. Guidance and support throughout the funnel-building process and beyond
  8. Assistance in setting up your lead magnet and other relevant offers
  9. Implementation of mobile responsiveness and SEO setup to ensure your funnel is optimized for search engines and mobile devices
  10. 30-60 days of free support after the funnel goes live to ensure everything is working smoothly

Overall, customers can expect a personalized and results-driven approach to funnel building, with a focus on maximizing conversions and ROI.



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7 Days Delivery

Lead Squeeze Funnel

Email Marketing, Automation, and Payment Integrations

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My Marketing Funnels are designed to help you build a sustainable and profitable online business. While I don't offer a Money Back Guarantee, I am committed to providing you with extensive support throughout the process. I invest significant resources into ensuring that our funnels are top-notch, and I believe that they are most effective when utilized with time and effort.

David Johnson


Member since April 2023