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Social media marketing is vital for any business today:

Especially for coaches, consultants, trainers, and course creators who offer their services both offline and online.

Their social media profiles are their digital business card that needs to attract cold leads like a magnet and encourage visitors to learn more.

It helps coaches:

  1. attract prospects and increase the know, like, and trust factor by showcasing your personality, values, and expertise.

  1. reach a larger audience and expand your network by exposing their content to more people who might be interested in their services

  1. share their message and your impact by creating valuable content that educates, inspires, and engages your audience

  1. find partnership opportunities with other coaches or influencers who can help them grow their business and reach more clients

  1. connect with their dream clients and build relationships by interacting with them through comments, messages, live videos, etc.

…just to mention a few of the incredible benefits of having a well-oiled secret profile funnel as I call it.

A profile that's set up properly will automatically attract ideal clients 24/7 on autopilot even while you sleep.

And this is no lame phrase:

During the past 5 years, I have helped hundreds of purpose-driven coaches to optimize their profiles with lasting results. Feel free to check out my Linktree w/ tons of testimonials, clients’ reviews, and positive feedback.

The cool thing is: Once your profile is set up correctly it will produce results forever.

The bad thing: If it's not done right, it will repel every profile visitor and generate no leads.

If you book this service I will personally check out your entire social media profile (one platform) and give you the best advice about what to keep and what to optimize.

This is a not cookie-cutter PDF: This is an exclusive audit & guide, especially for you, so you exactly know what and how to do.

How it works:

  1. After purchasing the service, I will send you a mini questionnaire that you need to fill out. 

  1. Within 48 hours (or less) I will then check out and analyze your main social media profile and give you an easy-to-follow and step-by-step guide on what to change & improve. 

  1. Once this is done, I will send you the link to the Loom screen recording, so you can watch it whenever you find the time. And also you get to keep the recording so you can watch it again (which I recommend).

Please take your time - after you have received the audit - to give me your feedback here on the Funnel Builder Marketplace, and share how helpful it was for you and whether it has gotten you better results.

If you have any questions about this, please message me before you buy.

About me: Hey, nice to e-meet you, and thanks for checking out my services.

I am René Baratella: I have been in business since 2018, full-time, self-employed helping coaching, course creators, and consultants to make more sales by using organic social media marketing strategies and holistic online coaching business frameworks.

To me, freedom means having more time (and money) for people and things you love.

So if you (want to) monetize your knowledge, expertise, skill, and passion but you hit a roadblock of not knowing how or where to start or how to scale, let’s talk.

My team and I offer DIY, DWY & DFY services [English & German]

Simply browse through my service, send me a message, or book a zero-obligations clarity call.

Looking forward to helping you get unstuck and write your own success story!



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