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**If you did not have an initial consultation with me please schedule it here:

Build a Lead Squeeze/Book Funnel by A Certified Funnel Builder (either CF Classic or CF2.0)

What it covers:

Preparation to funnel building:

  1. building a copywriting for the funnel based on client's avatar
  2. getting images and lead magnet from the client
  3. creating background images
  4. creating a lead magnet design if needed
  5. creating a favicon
  6. creating color pattern, fonts, shadows, buttons, borders, corners
  7. building opt-in page - lead magnet (free chapter of the book)
  8. building upsell page - upsell book with capturing shipping address
  9. building thank you page with embedded appointment schedule
  10. mobile optimizations
  11. configuring buttons and digital assets

Does not include:

  1. Lead Magnet (PDF Format) - client needs to provide this part.
  2. Disclosure Page - client needs to provide this part

The Lead Squeeze/Book Funnel will be delivered through a shared funnel upon completion.

Client will need to have an active Clickfunnels account no later than 3 days after buying this funnel building service. I can send a link for a FREE 14 day trial of Clickfunnels account if needed.

**It is a discounted price offer only for the first 3 existing clients that already had a strategy call with me.



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14 Days Delivery

Refund Policy

no refund as it is a discounted price listing.

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