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You need more than just a funnel to win the funnel game.

I will become your Growth Partner and help you build a traffic ready funnel that is optimized for the full growth journey to flood your funnel with leads and sales.

If you're looking at this offer page and you're ready to checkout it means we've already had a strategy session and we are totally aligned!

You are one step away from being 'one funnel away.'

Complete checkout and let's go!


  1. (1) x Funnel Build/Optimization + 12-Month Growth Partner


I won't just take your money. That's not how I do things. If you pay for this service before having the $7 strategy session I will cancel the order and refund the money. Before we work together it's required that you complete checkout for the 1-Hour strategy session for $7. After our 60-minutes together if we both feel like it's a fit we will move forward on our joint-success path.

We're going to take a measured approach to funnel success.

Just as a doctor must diagnose where a patient is in their health journey...

A Funnel Builder must diagnose where an entrepreneur/business owner is in their Funnel journey.

From brainstorming ideas to the ROI you're looking for, each client is on a different step of the journey and in different phases.

Together we'll discover what you need now to get you to your next level and the different levels of care available to you:

  1. From me giving you the tips & tricks and off you go
  2. To holding your hand all the way until you get your dream outcome.

I have been paid $20,000+ for a custom funnel.

This process is going to be transformational.

You success path is ready all you have to do is take the next step!

In your corner, Joseph



Yes, "You are one funnel away."

But as Steve Larsen said it to us in Offer Launchpad, "... but you are multiple campaigns away to the same funnel."

Knowing this, it's important that you build your funnel with these campaigns in mind from the start.

There is a lot to consider. Take a look at these two graphics I've prepared for you.

After a LOT of trial and error and time you could have saved you will come to realize the truth...

So you really have to ask yourself the "Time" question that we all have to ask ourselves. Do you invest years and spend the time to try to figure it out yourself or do you have a funnel builder help you strategize and do most of the heavy lifting for you?

If you have a lot of time and little money to invest. Then that's probably the best route for you.

But if you want results fast and are willing to invest in a specific result that yields ROI YOY then it's probably best you have a funnel builder do it for you.

You must consider time...

Working together we'll continue to optimize the 4 Levels...

Working together we'll further continue to optimize the 4 Levels Value...


My wife and I have been happily married for 12-years and together for years before that. I'm in the business of long-term relationships. I only invest time in the most meaningful long-term pursuits and relationships. If that's who you are too and a real partner in success is what you're looking for, you came to the right place. Book the strategy session then come back here to complete checkout. You'll be glad you did.

Sincerely with a Servant's Heart,



PS. During our 2-hour Kickoff Zoom we'll be taking a look at your current funnel and ads or defining the ads path forward.


PPPS. CalSHRM started seeing results after only one-month.

PPPPS Letizia HR Solutions was able increase their company valuation and exit their business due to the increase in results.

PPPPPS. Upcision got out of the 8-month trough they were in as a result of me taking over their live email marketing campaigns, overseeing their team of 90 personnel, in which I sent 18-million emails and generated 4,696 leads for different Lines of Business and clients.

If you've read this far...



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Refund Policy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. However, due to the significant amount of time allocated and invested in doing this work for you there will be no refunds. However, here is my promise to you, if after the project is complete and the Revision Round is complete you feel you cannot leave me a flawless 5-star review/testimonial just let me know within 24-hours of the final Revisions and I will make it right for you until you feel you can leave a 5-star review/testimonial. I'm in the business of long-term relationships. My reputation is on the line and I won't let anything hurt that. I'm not hiding. I'm totally findable and available. I am fully invested in knocking this out of the park for you. And I won't stop until you're 100% Satisfied. Does that sound fair? Let's do this!

Joseph De Las Nieves


Member since January 2023