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Convert 1 of your existing Legacy Funnels to Version 2.0




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Looking to make the leap to ClickFunnels 2.0 but don't want to abandon your old funnels. I will re-create one of your funnels in CF2.0 so you can utilize your assets that you already worked hard to get setup, so you can take advantage of the new platform and great new features it has to offer. The biggest one is that you can now rely on some pretty amazing email marketing software integrated right in the same dashboard, and setup powerful workflows based on user interactions.


Transferring over funnel images

Implementing existing email sequences (upto 10 emails included). Additional email migration is available for an additional cost.

Building your funnel from scratch in 2.0

Domain setup

SMTP Setip

Does Not Include:

CF2.0 payment gateway setup

CF2.0 Site & Blog (available extras)

*Please note some of the design features in 2.0 are a little different, and some elements are no longer available in 2.0 so making the new versions identical is not possible, however they will be extremely close. In fact, you will have to look very hard to notice the difference. Some integrations are not available in 2.0 at this time.



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10 Days Delivery

Rebuilding 1 Funnel in 2.0

Transferring over funnel images

Transfer over upto 10 emails and create workflow

Domain Setup

SMTP Setip

Refund Policy

Refunds are not offered for this service

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