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5 Agora-style Emails







Looking for emails that will drive traffic to your sales page or VSL?

If so, I might be your man.

I've written hundreds of emails for Agora, But I've also written for...

  1. Health and fitness

  1. Information marketing

  1. Internet marketing

  1. Online education

  1. SaaS

  1. Chess

(If I can make chess sound exciting, imagine what I could do for *your* product or service!)

I'm offering a package of 5 emails.

Just to be 100% clear: these are traffic-driving emails, typically 100-200 words each.

At the moment, I'm charging a low rate (just $50/email). Once I get some reviews, I'll be increasing that to $100/email.

So, if you're interested in working with me, there'll never be a better time.


P.S. Two rounds of revisions are included in this package.

P.P.S. These are emails for your email list - or for JV partners - they're not cold emails.



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10 Days Delivery

Traffic Driver Emails

Refund Policy

There's no point doing this if we're a bad fit. So, once we have an initial conversation, if we decide we're not a good fit, I'll cancel the gig and return your money.

Steven Gibson


Member since August 2020