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Video Sales Letter Script


Before Every Tom, Dick, and Vlad Start Ripping You Of Your Hard Earned Money For Things That No Longer Work...

Discover Why Clients Are Using 10-Minute VSLs To Capture Headache-Free, Low-Maintenance Buyers… Who Buy MORE Of Your Products So That You Can Scale Your Brand On Autopilot!


Dear Future Client,

It was October 2021.

I was sitting at my work table when the phone buzzed

I glanced at it and the message flashed...

"Hey, Brian Page needs some help with his funnel. Are you available?"

That was the message from one of my clients who wanted me to rework Brian Page's Funnel Copy.

Btw, Brian is one of the biggest names in the Airbnb space...

And he had a FREE + Shipping Book Offer.

We got on the call and there I discovered a leaky hole in his funnel...

He was using boring, outdated, and obsolete marketing tactics.

Those things might be working 10 years ago.

But they are no longer tangible.

He was using plain text to sell one of his offers.

Btw, there's nothing wrong with using Text.

But the problem is...

People are getting wise to the sales process.

The attention span is getting shorter and shorter...

And competition is becoming fierce.

Who you attract on the front end is who you get on the back.

Here's how to sum up this in a single statement...

"If you’re using a long sales format on the front end that has a shit ton of data points to convince them to buy, then when they get to the back end, they will need those data points to buy again.”

So, we decided to use a 10-min VSL for that offer...

I wrote the script...

Guided him on tone, voice, and graphics...

13 days in...

Our offer was converting at 40%...

2.3% ==> 40%...?

That means we had a nearly 1739% jump in the conversion rate. Holy Cow!!

Not to mention the $20 increase in Average Order Value (AOV)

43 days later...

It was converting at 18.06%.

That's the power of using 10-min VSLs.

With this cutting-edge sales method...

  1. Your audience will enjoy a pleasurable buying experience...

  1. You'll get customers who say “YES!” to every upsell!

  1. And You'll leave A.I. wondering why it hasn’t quite cracked this nut.

Since this 10-min VSL framework focuses on the Core Emotions and Outcomes...

And creating hypnosis through emotional states...

So What If You Have Someone Who's Produced Great Results With Short-form VSL...

👍Write You A Killer 10-min VSL Script

👍Audit Your Landing Page

👍Coach You On Strategy and Design

⭐ And Deliver it to you within 7 Days or Less

For a one-time investment of just $997!?

Would that be a win? My clients think so.

So, if you want buttery smooth buyers...

==> Get your own 10-min VSL now.



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Is there a guarantee? Yes, in fact, you get... The "Biggest Smile on Your Face" Guarantee. Place Your Order Now... And if you are not completely BLOWN-AWAY by the quality of the VSL script, I'll refund your money. Listen - I know this is going to be the process that'll transform your business. You just need to implement it to smell its true essence and taste its delicious flavor.

Hafiz Usama


Member since August 2020