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**If you did not have an initial consultation with me please schedule it here:

Build your membership with a Certified Funnel Builder!

What it covers:

  1. 1 Hour of Strategy Session
  2. Building a Membership Site in CF 2.0 (maximum 20 lessons)
  3. Building Customer Center Login Page
  4. Building A Customer Center (Header, Center Page & Footer)
  5. Building Course Home Page
  6. Building Module Page
  7. Building Lesson Page
  8. Building A Course
  9. Drafting and updating lessons
  10. Using a navigation
  11. Building a Funnel with workflow for enrollment
  12. Creating background and other images
  13. Configuring buttons
  14. Mobile optimization
  15. Creating a favicon
  16. Clean ending paths for all pages
  17. Footer and Privacy Policy
  18. Recorded short video on how to operate membership site and how to make changes in the future if needed if requested

Client will need to provide the links for the content (lessons)

**It is a discounted price offer. Price will go up to $3,997 on August 31, 2023



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Refund is not applicable as it is a discounted price project.

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