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Get a lead funnel built by a ClickFunnels Certified Lead Funnel specialist!

A lead squeeze funnel is an absolute must if you are looking for more leads to your business. Every business needs leads - they are the life of your business. Without them, you're just trying to get money out of the same people.

How does a lead work? You post in your social media or run ads to a landing page that offers a free or very low-priced item. Some businesses will offer a one page worksheet or handout that answers a small problem their business solves. Once the person 'opts in' and submits their email, they can either download the freebie from the thank you page, or it's emailed to them.

The thank you page can also be another opportunity for you to introduce other funnels or sell more of your product as it's at the bottom of the value ladder.

When building this funnel, I'll use your branding (if you have it) and will create the copy based on your needs. You'll need to have a ClickFunnels account (1 or 2) or I can help you get one. I will build it in my account and share it with you. You'll need to supply the photo and the freebie. If you're needing the freebie created - either a one-page or ebook - I can do that, but it will be an additional charge. Once the funnel is up and running, I will provide 1 month support to edit and A/B split test. If you're wanting long-term management, please ask for that pricing.

Please contact me before you purchase if you have any questions about the build.



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Refunds are only available until I start building the funnel. At the beginning when we're communicating about details, I will refund your money if you don't feel it's working. Once I start building, I will send you an email so you know when the delivery time starts and that the refund time has lapsed.

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