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We first started with Click Funnels almost 4 years ago. Now our extended family has over a dozen products or services using Click Funnels to drive traffic and sales (including one in the 2CC). Knowing a successful funnel can make all the difference, we decided to help others build their own success.

We hope we can start a successful journey with you.

What we do:

  1. We will build your custom 3-page+ funnel ~ Lead Squeeze, Lead Magnet, etc.
  2. This is not built from a generic template, but we funnel hack to find the right funnel for you.
  3. We add your product knowledge to our expertise and access to tools to create a high-performing funnel.
  4. We provide optional services to match your knowledge with technology.
  5. Then we offer a flexible list of services to build the funnel the way you want. You can choose those things that you need help with.
  6. Then we help you through the process to get your new funnel functioning.
  7. See the attached plan.

Here's What You Get For $995:

  1. A customized 3-Page Click Funnel using your ideas, images, product features ($1500 value)
  2. An introductory Onboarding Call to collect information and create a plan for the funnel ($85 value)
  3. A Funnel Scripts Avatar (Tell us about your dream customer) ($200 value)
  4. 2 completed Funnel Scripts (for example: conversion ad script, curiosity ad script, magic button script, order bump script, killer headlines, etc.) ($200 value)
  5. We will find at least 2 funnels similar to what you want - so that you can use this as a guide ($85 value)
  6. Branding (colors pallet, fonts, design) of your choice ($85 value)
  7. Mobile design and implementation - full mobile responsiveness ($150 value)
  8. SEO setup and favicon implementation ($100 value)
  9. 60 days of free support after the funnel goes live ($400 value)

Plus add any 3 of the following optional services:

  1. Geru dot com Marketing plan analysis ($250 value)
  2. Three (3) audibles after the funnel has been live for 1 week. ($300 value)
  3. A split test page ($250 value)
  4. A 30-second Doodly video using your design and idea ($200 value)
  5. Domain integrations ($75 value)
  6. Stripe or PayPal integration setup ($85 value)
  7. Additional 30 days of support after the funnel goes live ($200 value)
  8. 2 additional Funnel Script produced scripts (like: Killer Headline scripts, Hook Story Offer script, Offer Stack script, sales emails, etc.) ($200 value)


Included services estimated value: $2,805

Optional services estimated value: up to $750

Total estimated services: up to $3,555

Certified Builder of Funnels Price: $995

Here is what our customers are saying:

"So Fast and It Worked So Well!"

"Larry built our funnel much faster than we had anticipated and it had everything in it we needed. Then when we turned it on, it filled up our sales goals much faster than we thought. We're doing all our funnels through him from now on!"

-Jared and Camille - Tone & Tighten (Two Comma Club X Members)

"Great to work with and amazing work!"

"We weren't sure what to expect but we were surprised and excited when we saw the funnel. Larry did it so fast and it was exactly what he had hoped for. Thanks again!"

-Kris, Addy, and Ensley H.

"Everything we wanted, and more"

"We needed funnels done quickly, but they had to be effective. We got everything we wanted, and more. The delivery was on time and beyond our expectations!"

-Protect a Package Team



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Customized 3-Page+ Funnel Build

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Once the build starts, refunds are not available.

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