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Let a Clickfunnels AWARD WINNING Funnel Builder build your next VSL funnel!

As we haven't met yet, here is a short virtual handshake (1 min video on my YouTube) so that you can put a face on my name 😄:

Now let’s dive into what you are here for, funnels!

It is hard to stand out in a sea of competitors. No wonder you are struggling to engage your audience and convert leads into clients.

With so many coaches vying for attention, potential clients are often bombarded with information, making it harder for you to be heard and recognized.

Now, imagine having a secret weapon that not only captures your audience's attention but also effortlessly converts them into paying clients.

That's precisely what a custom-built Video Sales Letter (VSL) funnel can do for you!

As a certified funnel builder with a knack for persuasive copy, I'm here to build a high-performing VSL funnel designed specifically for your coaching business.


What's Included:

  1. High-Converting VSL Page: Each stage of your funnel meticulously designed to drive leads further down the pipeline, increasing the likelihood of conversion. (Free extra split test page!)

  1. Persuasive Order Form Design: Don't let the last step be a hurdle. I'll design a streamlined, frictionless order form that makes it easy for your prospects to say 'yes' to your offer.

  1. Exclusive Upsell Strategy (OTO): Leveraging years of experience and insights, I'll craft a compelling upsell that seamlessly fits into your funnel, skyrocketing your average transaction value.

  1. Killer Thank You/Confirmation Page: The end of the funnel is just as important as the beginning. I'll design a captivating Thank You page that not only confirms their order but also deepens the relationship, opening doors for repeat business and referrals.

Remember, every element of your funnel will be custom-tailored to your coaching business, ensuring the highest level of performance and conversion.

What's Not Included (can be added on checkout):

You must provide below for the pages:

  1. Your VSL script
  2. Your Email Sequences

If you don't have a VSL script yet, please order that first!

How can you start?

  1. Secure Your Spot: Convinced about the transformative power of a custom VSL funnel? Great! Book your spot today - but hurry, due to high demand, spots are limited!
  2. Onboarding & Strategy Planning: You'll receive an easy-to-fill document to gather more details about your business. Then we'll have a comprehensive strategy call to outline our game plan.
  3. Collaboration & Revision: Together, we'll shape your VSL funnel. With up to 4 revisions, we’ll ensure it’s perfectly aligned with your vision and audience’s needs.

Want to meet first and get to know me?

Of course! But to make sure you are serious and ready to move forward, I charge a small fee for my time and I want to make sure you show up!  

Those who pay, pay attention 😉, and even if you don't hire me, you'll walk away with valuable knowledge that far outweighs a few bucks!

Schedule your strategy call with me HERE:

And if you are shy, just hit the SEND MESSAGE button here on the page and send me a message. 

I will be in touch asap, sometimes within the hour!

About Me:

I have been in the online marketing space for many years. After building websites for many years, in 2017 I also started helping clients with funnels.  

As a Facebook media buyer I saw so many people driving their ads traffic into poor landing pages, so I started helping my clients with funnels too.

I bring a unique blend of expertise as a funnel consultant/builder, marketing strategist, and direct response copywriter.

I’m not just a funnel builder; I'm passionate about helping you succeed. The joy of witnessing your business grow and thrive - that's what drives me.

I am in the 2CCX program so I get all the latest tactics directly from Russell, and I'm blessed to have worked on several 2CC Winning funnels!

Now let's start!


P.S.: I build in Clickfunnels Classic or Clickfunnels 2.0, which ever you prefer!

Not convinced? Watch these samples of VSLs written and created by me:


Affiliate Theft - Affiliate Overwatch


Root Causes – Six Steps


Eliminate Anxiety – An Awakened Mind


Procrastination Quiz Outcome– Dan Silvestre




He was great. Pleasure to work with. Did a great job. You will not be disappointed.


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