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Complete Lead Squeeze/Opt-in Funnel Package

Who is Larry? I am an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Site Designer, MBA, Professional Project Manager, Former CEO, COO, and CTO. In September of 2023, I received the coveted 'Master' Funnel Builder award at the annual Funnel Hackers Live (FHL) event in Florida.

I have helped build and sell two small businesses, started 4 other businesses from scratch, and built them into profitable companies. I have helped hundreds of others succeed in the small business world and now consult and build funnels full-time. I am ready to help you build your dreams with the customized Click Funnel that meets your needs.

What we do:

  1. We will build your custom funnel, not from an overused template, but from research and product evaluation.
  2. We add your product knowledge to our expertise and access to tools to create a high-performing funnel.
  3. Then we help you through the process to get your new funnel delivering.

What is included in the Lead Squeeze/Opt-in Funnel Package:

Preparation and funnel building included:

  1. Copywriting based on your avatar, from the avatar questionnaire we provide.
  2. A 30-minute sales/marketing introduction call.
  3. Funnel Design based on the information questionnaire provided and the intro call.
  4. Creative background images
  5. Implementing a favicon
  6. A style guide (color pattern, fonts, shadows, buttons, borders, corners, and other CF elements)

Funnel design - 2 pages

  1. Opt-in Lead Squeeze page with a pop-up on exit intent and buttons.
  2. Thank-you page.
  3. Welcome email and customer tagging.

Also Included:

  1. Mobile optimizations
  2. SEO metadata and search engine settings for all pages.
  3. Configuring buttons and digital assets
  4. Funnel testing. We test every button, link, page, and video before sending you the funnel.
  5. Domain linking to the funnel (You will need to set up the domain but we can help).
  6. 15-minute follow-up and go live meeting. We make sure you and your funnel are ready!
  7. 30-day support after the funnel is live, including minimal changes to format and design.


Included services estimated value: $3180

Marketplace Special Price: $695

Full refunds are allowed for up to 2 days after the introductory phone call.



Larry Adamson was awesome. He was great to work with and had some very good ideas on how to proceed and work together. I would highly recommend him as a competent funnel builder that is open to new ideas and trying different approaches. Building a great funnel requires constant communication and an open working relationship to manifest a quality result. Larry has the talent and skills, quality of work, communication and wonderful cooperation skillset that I found to be top level, leading to a mutually agreeable and satisfying product and experience.


On 29 Jan 2024

wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible work you did. Your creativity and attention to detail were instrumental in bringing my vision to life. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence. hoping we go to next level


On 25 Sep 2023

I debated trying out ClickFunnels for over a year. Finally decided to sign up for the free trial but quickly realized I didn't have the time to learn and figure out a strategy, learn how to build the funnel, and actually build the funnel.

I was connected with Larry and he helped get me skip the learning curve and get my first funnel built! Larry has the experience and talent to help devise the strategy, turn the idea into reality, and troubleshoot any technical issues that stand in the way. Excited to see how this first funnel does, continue to refine it, and get to work on our second funnel!


On 30 Aug 2023



14 Days Delivery

Lead Squeeze Funnel

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Refund Policy

Full refunds are offered up to 2 days after the initial phone call. If either of us decides we cannot work together, then a full refund will be given. After work has begun, no refunds are available.

Larry Adamson


Member since June 2022