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Book Funnel Planning Session With Gary White, Author Of The Book Funnel Formula




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Interested In Creating A High Converting Book Funnel?

Have you tried creating a book funnel in the past or maybe you're not sure where to start?

You've likely come across questions like:

  • How many upsells should you have?
  • Who ships out the books?
  • What tech do you need to track your buyers?
  • What do you say in your sales videos?
  • How do you set it all up?
  • How do make it profitable?
  • How do you know if you are profitable?

Answer all these questions and more by talking with someone who literally wrote the book on Book Funnels and actually does it!

Gary White, Book Funnel Expert & Author Of The Book Funnel Formula

I help influential leaders, authorities and expert authors transform their book into a powerful online customer acquisition tool that exponentially grows their business.

A high converting book funnel gives business owners a fully automated system that creates a predictable and consistent flow of new customers into their business while also providing greater value to their customers by offering additional opportunities to learn from their expertise through a variety of content mediums.

Before working with us, our clients normally have one or more of these 3 key issues:

1. I’ve written a book, but no one knows about it.

2. My book is selling, but I’ve got no idea who bought it.

3. My ideal prospects have my book but I can’t get them to take the next step with me.

The Book Funnel Formula system is designed to eliminate each of these three issues as it allows you, as the author to take control of the entire sales process.

You control the number of visitors being exposed to your book, you collect and segment all of your customer data and you customize the entire customer journey so your readers are perfectly positioned to do future business with you, all while providing a much higher quality multi-media customer experience.

Key benefits:

● Attracts highly qualified, proven buyers

● Rapidly build high-quality customer database

● Increased average order value

● Full access to customer data

● Fully automated

● Inherent customer ascension path

I hope you’re excited about the possibilities of taking back control of the book sales process and feel motivated to take action and get started creating your own book funnel that fuels your business with your ideal clients and customers. 

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you transform your book/s into a marketing machine that grows your business exponentially.



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