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What are solo ads?

Solo ads are email-based advertising traffic sources, dedicated emails to promote your product or service.

Kind of like if you have a store and want fresh new customers. The solo ad provider (George), will send an email to his list of over 10K+ trusted consumers giving you a great referral and recommendation they visit your store. Your link to your funnel will be in the email and you get 100% of the leads and 100% of the commissions on any sales.

You will get visitors to your funnel/website. I will promote your link to my list via a

dedicated email. The visitors will be real people who have asked to be emailed online offers. I do all the work for you including writing the email for you and sending it out.

Kind of like me introducing you and your products to my friends and telling my peeps that you are a good person, trustworthy, and if interested should buy from you.

The features of Solo Ads:

  1. There is no competition because the email will contain only your link for your product/service.
  2. You will build your list, and you will own that list. Your lead capture puts these assets in your account and can not be taken away or "closed down".
  3. You choose how many visitors you want to your funnel/website. This fits all budgets small and large.
  4. Filter out bad traffic. Some traffic is just bots, crawlers, and spammers which I will filter so you only get real traffic.
  5. Your traffic will start in 24-48 hours, meaning you can expect clicks almost right away.
  6. A 35% opt-in rate is standard, meaning if you buy 1,000 clicks, you will get 350 subscribers on your list.
  7. 10-20% over-delivery. This means if you buy 1,000 clicks I will give you more than what you paid for.

My expertise level is intermediate as I have been in the funnel/website promotion for over 10 years. I have been trained and personally mentored by some of the best online marketers. I consistently collaborate with other solo ad providers to stay current and if needed a backup.

I have even attended Clickfunnel's Funnel Hacking Live workshops.

Revisions to Solo Ads... Revisions only apply to certain overlooked projects. If you ask me to promote a link for you and successfully drive traffic to it, but your funnel was not configured properly and you get no opt-ins, I will help you out by sending additional traffic to help your business succeed.

What you need to do next... Test your entire funnel, lead capture, opt-in, and email sequence. Once you have done your best to test that when clicking on your link the funnel is working properly, come back and pick a solo ad package from me, send me your link, and I'll look it over and test it before sending ads out.

Again test, test, test...



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5 Days Delivery

500 Clicks

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be given if the campaign has not been started by me yet, normally 24 hours or less. Once I start sending emails you will be getting clicks and traffic.

George Pauli


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