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One Funnel Away

Day #25 - Funnel Testing


You Crafted your funnel with passion but it was met with silence? As Russell aptly puts it, are you hearing only 'crickets'?

Funnels can be intricate, and sometimes, all you need is an expert's perspective to pinpoint the gaps.

Why Your Funnel Might Not Be Converting:

  1. Hook, Story, Offer: Russell emphasizes it, and it's a cornerstone. But there's more.
  2. Tech Hiccups: Misconfigurations can derail the best of funnels.
  3. Copy That Doesn't Connect: Words matter. If they're off, so are your conversions.
  4. Mobile Unfriendliness: In a mobile-first world, this is a cardinal sin.
  5. Slow-loading Images: Speed is the essence of the web.
  6. Broken Buttons: A simple error that can cost conversions.
  7. Mismatched Traffic: It's like inviting carnivores to a vegan feast!
  8. Lackluster Offers: Your offer should make users scramble for their credit cards.

Here's My Promise to You:

With my comprehensive funnel review, I'll dive deep into up to 6 pages of your funnel, recording a live video walkthrough.

You'll receive:

  1. A detailed action plan pinpointing areas of improvement.
  2. Insights into missing funnel steps and a roadmap to success.
  3. Feedback on sales copy that might be missing the mark.

I'll be straight with you – if there's a problem, I'll point it out. But don't worry, I'll also help you turn any weak spots into strong points. And hey, I'll definitely give you props for the things you're doing right. Everyone deserves a pat on the back for their hard work

Let's Collaborate for Your Success!

Embark on a journey to refine and relaunch your funnel, ensuring it's primed for conversions.

Ironclad Guarantee: If my funnel review doesn't resonate, you get every penny back. No questions asked.

I am Certified Funnel Builder & I work with Clickfunnels as a Funnel Builder!



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