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Hire Hollywood Alumni to Increase Sales with Copy Hack





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Hire Hollywood Alumni to Increase Sales with Copy Hack 

"Who is this lady?"


If you’ve ever lurked around IMDB, you know I’ve been featured opposite Tina Fey in Mean Girls (Paramount Pictures) and Oscar-Nominee Jessica Chastain in Mama (Universal Studios), produced by Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro.


I’ve spent 30 years working as an actress with Hollywood’s Oscar-winning producers (Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Hulu, ABC, NBC, CBS and The Cartoon Network) with training including Pirate Voice and The Second City.




“What does Hollywood have to do with my sales copy?”



You know the 7 seasons of that TV series you just binged-watched?

That wasn’t an accident.

There was a science behind converting you in the first episode.


Hollywood is a $42 billion industry that leverages engagement to drive sales conversions.


In parallel to my work in the film industry, I work as a “Script Doctor” Strategist and Sales Copywriter.

I bring the science behind Hollywood’s engagement strategy to increase sales conversions in your funnel.


 Think ‘Hollywood Insider’ meets Clickfunnels Funnel Hacker.


Applying Hollywood’s 5 secret strategies for engagement, I’ve consulted on over 50 marketing campaigns across multiple industries, in addition to serving as an editor of all sales copy.  

(The 6-Figure Entrepreneur Magazine, Momentum; High-End Client Acquisition Apple Podcast.)


Key achievement includes the development of an original sales model within the solar industry, authoring all client messaging and producing a $400,000 revenue stream.


As an alumni of Clickfunnels' One Funnel Away challenge, I take away the pressure of all funnel sales copy and allow you to focus on making your products while I provide high-converting sales copy.


Providing Do-it-Yourself and Done-for-You services, deliverables include Opt-In Page/Landing Page, One Pagers, Sales Page, Order Form, OTO Page and VSL scripts.



"I have more time than money."



If you are working with a low budget, leverage the 'Hollywood Conversion Fix' 5-Step Checklist to increase conversions using Hollywood's 5 secret engagement strategies. 


Use this “Hollywood Insider” Cheat Sheet and apply these 5 strategies to your sales copy to increase sales conversions.


Additionally, see these strategies in action with the 'Hollywood Conversion Fix' $400,000K Case Study Masterclass, watching me apply them to produce $400,000 with no additional ad spend.

Leverage this over-the-shoulder strategy to revise your own sales copy and increase conversions within your funnel.




More money than time?



I will provide all sales copy deliverables required for your funnel, ensuring engagement and sales conversions on Opt-In Page, One Pagers, Sales Page, Order Form, OTO Page and VSL scripts (see separate service.)


Whether you are building your first sales funnel or tweaking an existing one, I bring Hollywood's behind-the-scenes secrets for engagement to your funnel.


Higher engagement= higher conversions=higher sales.


Fun Fact: 

I recently built a Clickfunnels sales pages from inside my trailer while shooting Netflix’s Umbrella Academy.


As Russell says; “You’re one funnel away.”

Let's do this.


Julia Chantrey

One Funnel Away Alumni and Funnel Hacker.






(Do-It-Yourself #1)


'Hollywood Conversion Fix 5-Step Checklist'

Leverage Hollywood's 5 Secrets for Engagement to guide you as you write high-converting sales copy.

Deliverable: 10-Page PDF

Deliverable Timeline: 24 Hours

Supporting Documents Required: N/A


(Extra Gig)

(Do-It-Yourself #2)


'Hollywood Conversion Fix’ $400,000 Case Study Masterclass

See Hollywood’s 5 Secrets for engagement in action and apply them to your funnel to increase sales conversions.

Deliverable: 45-Minute Masterclass (private youTube link)

Deliverable Timeline: 24 Hours

Supporting Documents Required: N/A













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