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Have you ever worked on your funnel for so long that you begin to feel completely overwhelmed? There’s so many moving parts that it feels like you’re stuck in the weeds. 

You can’t tell what sounds good, looks good, or even if it functions properly. You may be on the verge of burning out, and in danger of not launching! 

Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at it. And not just any pair of eyes, someone who knows what to look for, and what to do to improve your funnel…so you can launch it and change your business.

Typically, When I Review Someone’s Funnel, I Find These Kinds of Errors:

  • The tech isn’t set up correctly, so they are missing sales or annoying customers who want to buy but can’t (like when an order form isn’t set up correctly)
  • The copywriting on the page doesn’t flow or make sense and is deterring people instead of driving the action you really want them to take (like building your email list, or buying your products)
  • The offer is weak and doesn’t excite someone enough to buy

Hey, I’m Jordan and I have an estimated 3,000 hours into funnel building using ClickFunnels. I’ve helped my clients hit over $600,000 in sales through funnels. I’m a coach and trainer where I literally help people get unstuck and launch their funnels - even if they aren’t marketing or tech-savvy.

I want to help you launch (or relaunch) your funnel and see where the hangups are, and give you feedback to increase your conversions.

Here’s What You Get When You Purchase This Funnel Review:

  • I’ll comb through your entire funnel (up to 6 pages)
  • Document all of my findings page by page - you keep the doc as an action plan
  • I’ll record a video walkthrough explaining what to do to fix your funnel
  • If I find any sales copy that doesn’t flow or make sense, I’ll let you know that too!

I want to help you succeed, and this is one way I can do that. 

Your funnel is so close to working to change your life and the lives of others…I’ll help you get there!

Purchase this Funnel Review now and let’s get going!

Jordan Hoopingarner

Sales Funnel Consultant

Good Spark Consulting



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I'll fully refund your order up until work begins. If I begin working on your Funnel Review, that's time that I have invested and cannot be refunded.

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