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How to create Grand Slam offer live 1 to 1 with Chat GPT (AI) Templates and Examples like Alex Hormozi.




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Create Grand Slam offer live with Chat GPT (AI) Templates and Examples like Alex Hormozi.

10 years Online Marketing Experience, including Clickfunnels and ActiveCampaign

27 years Sales Experience

20 years B2B Sales Experience, including IBM.

3 years ActiveCampaign Deals Management Experience

And ChatGPT OpenAI Enthusiast.

Hi I’m Jerry, The Sales Automation Guy. -

Lets Book a Strategy Call, Today and Planout how AI & ChatGPT can help you build out your business.

From Funnel building to email writing to headlines.

Here is a quick Top level on my experience:-

In the last 2 years, I managed and executed building taking an inactive list and generating B2B growth of $92K Monthly Recurring Revenue for this $3 Million organization. Which is a growth of 36.7%. I was directly responsible for the Leads, to Closed, Won. Indirectly responsible for PPC and Retargeting. Built and managed the Sales Process, including the Automations and Deals.

In the last 10 years, I helped over 100 entrepreneurs and Businesses with their Branding, Online Marketing and Sales.

In the past, I have helped 1 organization grow from $3million to $5 million Turnover.


Lets Book a ChatGPT Strategy and Content Creation Call, Today.





On 11 Sep 2023

I feel that Jerry went above and beyond expectations. It was the best invested $140 in marketing for a long time. Thanks to Jerry I not only better understood the use of AI but also how to use it better. The results literally blew me away and Jerry put all his energy into guiding and supporting me. Outstanding help. Thank you, Jerry


On 04 Jul 2023

Jerry is very generous with his time, marketing knowledge, and AI expertise. I got way more out of this than expected. Went in for an email or two and came out with a complete avatar, as well as an email that not only works as an email, but has great lines within it that can be pulled for other purposes.


On 01 Jul 2023

I had a follow up call to define the avatar.

I think Jerry overdelivered.

I think the ChatGPT will help the company.


On 23 Jun 2023

I had a terrific call with Jerry.

I think he can overdeliver.

I think he can adapt on the call to whatever I need to learn.

I think he can define what ChatGPT can do to help the company.


On 23 Jun 2023



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I don't refund orders. If you change your mind about buying this service, you will understand that I have already invested time. I suggest that we go through the process. I promise you will be happy with the outcome if you follow the process. Having said that, if you are seriously unhappy with the final product, we can talk about a partial refund!

Jerry O Brien


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