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Warning: Don't You Dare To Hire A Copywriter Until You've Read This!





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Warning: Don't You Dare To Hire A Copywriter Until You've Read This!

When it comes to writing copy, there's a fundamental rule that all these internet copywriters overlook completely...

And you probably see this every day, with their obnoxious claims reaching the point of the absurd

"The Conversion Copywriting Formula To Increase Your Conversions by 5x"

"A Proven Template That Makes Writing Copy Fast & Easy"

They promise the "Hidden Copywriting Secrets Nobody Wants You To Know" for $49

And this is accepted in our industry as simply something copywriters do... what a joke!

Nothing to be surprised of when 98% of copywriting courses are mostly diluted information from actual Copywriting icons such as:

» Gary Bencivenga

» John Carlton

» Gary Halbert

» Dan Kennedy

» And a few others...

(Do yourself a favor and look up those names if you want to acquire real copy skills)

You should be wondering what the fundamental rule is by now...

And while it's not "fancy" or so much of a "hidden secret"

It's what works in the real world regardless of dumb internet marketing hype

Here it is:

Exceptional Sales Copy has nothing to do with the copywriter... or you, or your product, or even sales...

I dare to say a copywriter's main job is not even to write sales copy (if anything the writing part is 10% of it)

A copywriter's job is to study markets and get to know a customer avatar in such a way so that they can pinpoint their most excruciating problems, fears, and worries, cravings, and desires, where they are and where they want to be, and what's stopping them from achieving the life they've always wanted

In an industry full of self-proclaimed copywriters whose "Irresistible Offer" is to increase your sales and conversions... (By changing words from a script they all copied from the same online course)

I'm the kind of copywriter whose main focus is understanding your clients, your business and setting steady marketing foundations based not on imagination but on customer psychology

The kind of guy that has no problem telling you why your offer sucks and giving sound advice on how to fix it

The kind of dude that will strip your funnel off from fake scarcity and urgency timers that make you look unreliable and deceptive in the eyes of your customers

You see, "Conversions and Profits" are nothing but a byproduct of doing things right

It becomes inevitable when you treat your customers with appreciation and respect and help them get whatever it is they wish to have (or get rid of)


It's very likely you're here in the Funnel Rolodex looking for the "Who's" that will help you succeed in building your next funnel

So if what you've read so far has piqued your curiosity and you want to know more about my approach to marketing, copywriting and funnels and you're playing with the idea of partnering up with me...

Feel free to schedule a call with me through this link:

I use this call to vet the clients I work with, I'll find out whether I can help you, and if not point you I'll point you in the right direction.

I won't accept any orders outside of the Funnel Rolodex in order to protect both you (Buyer) and me (Seller).

Wishing you success on your funnel adventure,




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