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Free Money Coming Your Way With This Banging Abandoned Cart Email Sequence







"Totally recommend him, great communication and professionalism. This guy delivers!" - O Reilly John, Dublin, Ireland. - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Remus is one of the best marketers that I have worked with. He's 100% about results, and he will do everything to get them. I've worked with tens of agencies and marketers who promised me results. He was the only one to also deliver them!" - Adrian Danet, Florida, USA. - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

...that's only 2 out of over 100 business owners that I have closely worked with!

Want to successfully bring lost customers back to your website so that they purchase the items they showed an interest in?

Then you need a solid Abandoned Cart Email Sequence. 

Day 1 after creating this sequence for me and my clients, almost HALF of the people that left without buying came back and actually took the offer + the upsells on the page.

This is the first sequence of emails you have to consider building.

But it has to be done in a SPECIFIC way if you want great results.

The hours at which you send the emails are CRUCIAL. The number of emails you send is ESSENTIAL. Not to mention what you actually write in them…

For the past year and a half since building my first Abandoned Cart Sequence, I have been testing and improving it EVERY WEEK.

My frameworks have also made the news...

So I guarantee you you'll get astonishing results using the one I'll craft for you and your business.

+ I know a little trick to make sure your prospects actually read the emails.

Here's How I'm Going To Help:

  • I'll make sure the emails are sent at the right time
  • I'll write compelling subject lines for your list not to stand a chance resisting opening them
  • I'll create the best sense of urgency based on the structure I have been using since DAY ONE (which blew my mind on how great it works)
  • I'll put your product/ service in the spotlight
  • I'll make sure to include social proof, feedback & testimonials (whenever the case)

What's great about the Abandoned Cart Sequence is that…

You do it once and have free money coming your way... no more money left on the table.

You don't need extra dollars to invest in it.

You don't have to spend time modifying it.

You just let it do its own thing.

+ You can use the template I create to build a strong Abandoned Cart Sequence for all of your products - unless you don't want to spend time doing that and come back for me to write them for you. Which, of course, would be brilliant! 

What This Service Includes:

🎯 20 Minute Consultation & Strategy Call so you can give me additional details and background and I can provide my feedback and ideas

🎯 Copywriting for the Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

(For one of your products/services)

🎯 1 round of feedback and edits

With over 5 years of marketing experience under my belt, hundreds of happy customers, and over $1M in ad spend, I can confidently say, "I CAN HELP YOU TOO"!

All of my services are Tax-Deductible. So, once you're ready to get results, I'm ready to write! Click the blue button, and let's get started!

Not Sure What You Need? Please Message Me With Your Requirements Or Ideas. I accept custom orders, as well.



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