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Email Revenue Booster Audit - Perfect For Ecommerce Stores That Want More!







Setting up and optimizing your e-commerce email system is a great way to increase revenue by 20%, 25%, or more, and provide a better experience for your customers. 

If you're already running an ecommerce store, odds are you have some sort of emails already...right?

Maybe a stock abandon cart flow.

Maybe you send out some emails here and there.

Or maybe you've got a pretty good system...but you know you might be missing something big.

I have experience with Klaviyo (and many other email systems) in my own business and with clients where we’ve seen great results by auditing their current setups and providing actionable changes based on real world testing that provide value for the customers and build the brand while driving revenue.

Having a good email marketing system, combined with long term & short term planning + implementation, and ongoing optimization can also be a big "lift" for any brand.

Just think about it like this. If your store is doing $10,000 per month in revenue, and this email audit only helps you increase your results by 5% (month after month after month)...

You'll be making $500 every month after!

Not a bad deal, right?

With this complete ecommerce email marketing setup, here's what you're going to get:

  1. Initial in person kick-off call via Zoom to make sure we hit the ground running
  2. Deep dive into 3 main areas: General use, Email specifics, Marketing planning & results
  3. General use may sound boring, but includes over 16 areas like comparison to industry averages, use of segments, deliverability, split testing, and more...
  4. Email specifics dives into how you are currently sending and where you can improve: From line, Subject lines, personalization, writing style, Calls to action, and 7 others.
  5. Marketing planning & results will look at your use of campaigns and promos to plan ahead and get the best results.
  6. All of this done with with a real person review and a PDF report delivered with video summary for you to review, and take action on.
  7. If you'd like help implementing these changes, just reach out after you get the report!


Results matter, right? Taking the time to get a quality audit of your existing email marketing efforts can produce some huge revenue and customer engagement.

But let's go back to that 'revenue' part real quick - would results like these be good for your business?

Get those results with automations (flows) that connect with customers and bring them back time and again - just like this abandon cart flow that generated over $12k from the screenshot above:

It may also be helpful to know that I'm a ClickFunnels certified partner, 2 Comma Club Winner, and would be happy to offer my input and expertise in areas outside of strictly email marketing for better results with automation, sales funnels, and more. I’m also part owner of my own ecommerce store - I have experience not only with clients but in my own store with my own “skin in the game”.

Looking forward to helping you add more revenue to your ecommerce business,

Adam Moody



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Adam Moody


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